Most of us live in the illusion that we do not have a purpose that we are just here to live our lives quietly in hiding and not participate in the expansion of humanity. Is it out of humility or out of fear? As a young girl I often starred at the sky and remembered asking God why I was on earth? Asking what the meaning of life was? He never answered at least not immediately but he provided the experiences later on in my life that I needed to find out who I am and why I am here. Did I curse myself as a child? Did I ask for the pain and suffering that was awaiting me? Well, when I was going through my challenges, I did not see the blessings in them, all I saw was sorrow and I felt that God abandoned me, I even asked him to take me away as I was tired of this life, he did not listen (thankfully!).

Today, I would not change a thing about my journey, because from that mess was born my message, my purpose arose and I embraced and unleashed the goddess within me. The divine being whose greatest desire is to HEAL THE WORLD from POVERTY, who has a genuine desire to liberate people from their "poverty prison", help them embrace their own divinity and gifts and help them CREATE the life they really yearn for, whatever that looks like. People have different definitions of true wealth and abundance and by all means we shall all shoot for what makes our hearts sing.

When we find our purpose and choose to take that call, miracles happen. The only way you can do it though is by going deep, the temple is in your mind and the kingdom is within you. There is nothing that you cannot be, do or have if you are willing to open your heart, your mind, remove your blocks and let spirit flow through you. You might be thinking out of humility that you are not worthy to answer your calling, that you do no need to do anything, just let others do it but that is a lie.

Your mindset (thoughts, beliefs) determines your current reality. You are Poor because of the way you think. . . yes you heard me. You powerfully manifested poverty into your life out of choice, you gladly blame other people for your misfortune and you are unwilling to look for the answers within you. You think that your power is outside of you. Your pain, your journey, you experiences are your greatest gifts because they unveil your message which is the path to your wealth.

Your outer world results only reflect what is in your inner world. Inner world reality =outer world results.

Use your imagination and think about a beautiful tree with green leaves, healthy roots and juicy fruits. The fruits are the results of the roots underneath the surface.

Beautiful and healthy roots like joy, happiness, abundance, faith, trust etc. . . produce beautiful and healthy fruits.

This tree of life produces beautiful fruits because its roots are beliefs like self love, happiness, joy, abundance mindset, prosperity, great health, positive mindset and attitude, gratitude etc. . .

Now think about another tree that is very dry, no leaves, no fruits or bad fruits.

Bad and unhealthy roots= Bad and unhealthy fruits like pain, suffering, poverty, loneliness, unhappiness, lack of trust, lack of faith, lack,unhappiness. . .
And that tree of life will look very unhealthy, dry and sad to look at. Everything literally falling apart. . .


Why I am telling you all this? New perspective. You must fertilize the roots of your tree of life in order to get better, healthier fruits or results in your relationships, your finances, your health. You can choose to change only if you want different results, if you are OK with your current life's results,you don't have to do anything, you will get the same exact results.

Change your roots and you will change your life. You must heal from within to get the results that you want in your life. If you are broke, you have chosen to be broke. You were not meant to be poor and broke but with your thoughts,your words, your feelings, your actions and your results, you have created your current reality.

If you want to make a difference in this world, keep in mind that God can do more with a rich conscious connected person than he can with a poor person.

Being in poverty is a "sin" because you cannot serve anyone when you are in that state of lack. Your thoughts become things when you get into action. You must have a positive mindset to build a movement that matters and change people's lives by living your purpose.

WHAT IS YOUR CHOICE? You have the power to choose!! The key to your freedom, prosperity and abundance lies within you. My challenge to you is to start going within to find the answers you have been seeking, heal what needs to be healed, choose tot think, feel and act differently so you can get different results. You are a powerful creator and there is nothing you cannot do be or have.

Author's Bio: 

I am the Wealth Creation Coach for the Evolving Women Entrepreneurs who are ready to breakthrough their financial limitations and create true wealth standing in their power, living their purpose and creating possibilities.