Over the years I have heard a number of people say that the only reason someone would be depressed is because their life lacks meaning. I even heard a yoga teacher come out with the same view.

But before I go into what my thoughts are on this, I will go along with what these people believed. It could be said that there is no denying the fact that, if someone’s life lacks meaning, they can experience a number of symptoms that are associated with being depressed.

Nothing to Live For

Through having no reason to live, they can find it hard to get out of bed, have no interest in life or pleasure and feel very low. Therefore, if they were to gain a sense of meaning, there is the chance that most of these symptoms would slowly disappear.

In this case, they didn’t need to take anything or to have years of therapy – they simply found a reason for being on this earth. Their reason for being here is likely to involve serving others in some shape or form, which will enable them to feel connected to something greater than themselves.

A New Outlook

Through having something to focus on, it will stop them from getting caught up in the trivialities of life and it will stop their mind from creating problems. Ergo, what annoyed them before might not even enter their mind and their mind will have a bone to play with, so to speak.

One is then going to on the same planet as they were before, but it could seem as though they have woken up somewhere else. And thanks to how their energy has shifted, other people may respond differently to them.

It’s not black and white

However, while part of me thought that there is some truth to what these people came out with, another part of me couldn’t completely accept it. What came to my mind were the athletes who had a purposeful existence but who suffered from depression.

Or is there a chance that these athletes are just making it up and actually lead lives that lack meaning, with this being the reason why they are depressed? To say that someone would only be depressed because their life lacks meaning is no different to saying that someone is only overweight because they eat too much – it has no basis in reality.

A Number of Reasons

If someone comes out with someone like this it could show that this was the case for them or perhaps they have just read it in a book. There are, of course, all kinds of reasons as to why someone would suffer from depression.

Someone like this may have experienced trauma as a child, and this would have had a negative effect on the brain in their head and their stomach. Then again, they may have recently lost a loved one or experienced a break up.

Final Thoughts

If someone is in a bad way, it will be vital for them to receive the right support. To tell someone why they are depressed without even taking a closer look at their life or their history, for instance, is not going to allow them to feel understood and it might not solve anything.

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