“Your existence is eternal. This phase (of your soul) is so important because you learn so much in human form. This is where the individual’s ‘spark’ of existence can expand into bigger, more powerful energies…Many spirit energies are coming in all the time. Soul evolution is linear for some, non-linear for others. Some jump around experiencing a variety of lifetimes. It’s a way for the soul to develop compassion.” -Kuan Yin

While hypnotizing my client, Lena Lees, I was witness to her spontaneous channeling of Eastern Goddess of Compassion, Kuan Yin. The Deity's primary messages were that we do indeed create/attract reality, we are here to learn compassion and Her Love and Forgiveness Principle and to appreciate, indeed "marvel" at the wondrous creations surrounding us.

Even though I had hypnotized many others, I could never have imagined the scenario that had transformed my life. Indeed, it was a singular psychic event. Lena Lees herself had lived an amazing life, understanding even at a young age that she was blessed with special abilities enabling her to communicate with those who have passed on. These souls were troubled and sought Lena’s clairvoyant gift to help them console grieving relatives and loved ones. Individuals who have this gift are sometimes referred to as “Honorary Guards”. Indeed, they have, before incarnating on earth, chosen to provide this specific kind of guidance for souls passing over.

Following the Rhode Island nightclub fire debacle, for example, Lena’s dreamscape was inundated with souls beseeching her to console their relatives and loved ones. Requiring assistance in passing from the earth plane, disembodied spirits had requested Lena to inform those left behind of their safe arrival.

On Christmas day 2004, the catastrophic Indian Ocean Tsunami made landfall. Claiming hundreds of thousands of lives and displacing millions more, the earthquake (and its resulting wave train) had (in a matter of minutes) wrecked havoc on eleven countries. In a profound display of her psychic capabilities, Lena had been (directly following that event) awakened from her dreams. Feeling a heavy weight bearing down upon her chest she was aware (from previous experiences) that the heaviness was caused by one or more ‘visiting’ energies (souls). Immobilized, unable to even move her limbs, Lena heard an eerie sound—like wind rushing past the side of her face. Trying to console or dismiss the apparently angry and confused disembodied spirits her efforts seemed futile. Finally the souls left, freeing her to go back to sleep.

Addressing fear of suffering and death, Kuan Yin insists we are indestructible. Placing herself at the center of an ominous mushroom cloud (in “Oracle of Compassion: the Living Word of Kuan Yin” http://www.amazon.com/Oracle-Compassion-Kuan-Eternal-Wisdom/dp/143922506...
), Kuan Yin offers yet another tool for healing this present paradigm mostly dominated by what She describes as the “better than”, “not enough” and “survival of the fittest” beliefs. Demonstrating the eternal nature of the soul, She disputes those who believe this existence is our singular experience in a body. Proclaiming, “Nothing can harm me,” she wants to assure us that death is just a doorway to another time and place:

“It is important to accept that the human condition is temporary, fleeting. It’s filled with pain and suffering, beauty, strange tastes, odors of death, everything that exists in the universe. Problems are created when one is so obsessed with his or her death, when one is too attached to their life. This attachment to a single incarnation causes the species to play out gruesome deaths. If you knew you were more than just this life, you would not plunder the land, each other. Death is like giving birth. Birth can be painful. Sometimes women die from giving birth. However, once the baby is born, all the pain vanishes in an instant. Love for that tiny newborn makes one forget the pain, the fear. And as I’ve said, during other exchanges love between mother and child is the highest experience, the closest to divine love. You might wonder about the parallel I’m making between birth and death. But I say to you, the fear and pain accompanying an awful death is over quickly. Beyond that portal one is suddenly in the light, in oneness and bliss. Some women are powerful teachers. However, even women can be afraid of death, forgetting how the pain vanishes. Just as a woman heals rapidly after childbirth and then is able to fall in love with her baby, those who pass over also are able to fall in love with a new life.”-Kuan Yin

In the following paragraphs, Kuan Yin (through Lena Lees’ channeled words) discusses how there is both “karma and free will” and how we are on earth to learn to “juggle the dream and the world of dreams”:

“There are the waves and there is the wind, seen and unseen forces. Everyone has these same elements in their lives, the seen and unseen: karma and free will. The question is, ‘how are you going to handle what you have?’ You are riding the karmic wave underneath and the wind can shift. Everyone must take what they see and deal with that which is unseen.”

“You’re at page ten but I understand the entire evolution. In reality, it’s already over. It’s a dream. Remember? You’re living a dream. It’s very complicated to hold the dream and live the dream. You are learning the art of juggling the dream and the world of dreams. Nobody really gets hurt”.

You may have read about Near Death Experiences: extolling the unconditional love and forgiveness that eventually envelopes each soul. This pure love, according to Kuan Yin, is what we could and should be experiencing here on earth. Melded with the law of attraction, such beneficial energy would be instantly magnified and transmitted throughout the universe.

Because of the abundance of stories that science can now document, many in the West are convinced that a non-physical force does, at the very least, enter or exit the physical body. Indeed, there has always been theological insistence that humans possess souls. Throughout the ages, however, there have persisted questions regarding the nature of the soul. Regarding reincarnation, does the soul spontaneously transmigrate from one physical body to the next? Until recently, some answers and explanations had to be taken on faith. However, the mounting evidence provided by NDE’s offers certain indisputable insights into the nature of the soul:

Having been in labor for several hours, a woman wondered if today was the day her child would be born. Staying with her in the initial hours of her labor, her husband had been sent home. Believing hers to be a false labor, the nurses mentioned it wouldn’t be long before she too, could return home. Having her own intuitive opinion, the woman wasn’t so sure. In spite of receiving ether earlier in the day, the contractions were becoming increasingly more agonizing. Peering anxiously at the wall clock across from her bed, she was attempting to time the minutes between each contraction. Realizing that her contractions were closer and closer together, she cried out for a nurse to come to her bedside. Realizing her cries had gone unheeded the woman became aware that the hands of the clock were no longer moving. Immediately after that, she also realized that the lights in the hospital room had gone completely out: that there had been a power outage.

Screaming, staring into the void, she suddenly experienced herself floating near the ceiling in the far corner of the hospital room. Looking down upon her body writhing in pain, the woman was happy to be away from that experience. Levitating high above her bed, she was blissfully without pain. Just as she became acclimated to her new situation she heard two voices telling her it was time to return to her body.
“But I don’t want to go back there,” she objected. “It’s not your time,” explained the voices gently. “It’s too painful! I can’t return to my body.”
“Who will care for your baby when it’s born?” the spirits inquired.

Still very fearful to return to her body, the woman finally acquiesced. The moment that she agreed to return, she was instantaneously back in her body! (From “Beneficial Law of Attraction: the Manifestation Teachings”)

“Humanity is misunderstood. It’s a powerful place to be when it is fully experienced. However, it is often underestimated. Unless one fully experiences one’s humanity, one will have to experience earth again and again. One will have to repeat the lessons offered here upon the earth. It is possible that one need not have to reincarnate. Many don’t live up to their full potential because they’re afraid.” -Kuan Yin

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Transpersonal Hypnotherapist, Hope Bradford, continues to instruct and write on the Kuan Yin Spiritual Law of Attraction and Mindfulness teachings. For more information on Hope Bradford books please go to: Hope Bradford’s Amazon Central Page: http://tinyurl.com/23g98ea