Sometimes it’s hard to get a grasp on how large our world really is. This is how I look at it. We are all living someone else’s dream. We can take each and every moment and the things that we do in that moment and spread it throughout the world. Here are some examples:

Let’s take for instance the most simplest of things such as walking, talking or clapping. Somewhere in the world at this very moment there is someone who cannot walk, talk or clap their hands. Their dream is to do that, in essence, you are living that persons dream.

We can take it to another level and look at the house that we own, the car that we drive and the state/country that we live. Again, you are living someone else’s dream. Someone else dreams of owning a house like yours, or driving a car like yours and living where you live.

Now, let’s break it down to the most simplistic of things, water. We use it and we waste it, and there are countries that need it. It is a large part of who we are. Some places in the world there is abundance, while other countries ration it. It’s a part of our survival.

You are living someone else’s dream while someone else is living yours. It is more than just having things and abilities, it is about owning a company, being able to visit different parts of the world and seeing their culture first hand, it’s about volunteering every chance you can to see first-hand what it’s like when the shoe is on the other foot. It’s about life.

You are living someone else’s dream so treasure it, appreciate it and with each heartbeat, enjoy it. You might have days when you don’t understand your direction in life or where your life is leading, but that’s when you need to stop and just focus. Focus on the fact that you are breathing, and some people don’t have that. You are living someone else’s dream, somewhere a breath that they are fighting for.

When you awake each day, try and reflect on someone else's life. Think about how you are living their dream. This will help you put each day into perspective. If you reflect on this every morning you will see a difference in yourself. You will notice just how happy you are and how truly blessed you really are.

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