If someone has had a certain challenge for a long time, they can believe that there is nothing that they can do. Therefore, due to how long something has been in their life, it can be seen as something that is permanent.

As a result of this, they are just going to have to tolerate what is taking place. It is then not going to be a surprise if they feel totally helpless and this ends up having an impact on other areas of their life.

No Better Off

What could make matters worse is that there could be people in their life that are also struggling with the same challenge. This could be seen as more evidence that what they are going through is not something that can be overcome.

It might not stop there, though, as they could live in a society that is full of people that have the same challenge. In fact, it could seem as though everyone has the same challenge as they do.

Breaking Free

If they do end up engaging in black and white thinking, it will be essential for them to snap out of this. Ultimately, there are likely to be people out there that have overcome what they are going through, as well as those that have never had this challenge.

Changing their outlook will be an important part of what will allow them to break out of the prison that their mind has created. Part of this will be for them to think about the fact that they are more than the challenge that they have.

Planting a Seed

This will probably be something that their mind dismisses; nonetheless, it is something that they can meditate on. No matter how convincing their thoughts are or how powerful their ‘negative’ feelings are, one is more powerful than their circumstances.

So by continually bringing their attention back to this view, they will start to undermine the power that their minds programmed responses have over them. What needs to be remembered here is that if one has seen themselves as being powerless for a very long time, it can take a while for them to change how they see themselves.

The Next Step

Along with what they are doing to change their inner world, it will be a good idea for them to reach out for external support. There are going to be people out there that can help them to overcome what they are going through.

One might not find someone like this straight away but if they keep going, they will surely find someone. If the help that they need doesn’t come from a person directly, it could come from a video or a book, for instance.

Final Thoughts

Another part of this will be for one to trust that they will find the answer/s that they need to move forward. One will then be playing their part and they will trust that existence will play its part.

It might seem as though they are separate from everything and that they have to do everything by themselves, yet this is also an illusion. Having trust in existence and the understanding that they are not separate from anything, can allow them to let go of some of the attachment that they have to moving forward and ironically, this can allow them to move forward a lot faster.

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