Our brains are wonderful things, when they work properly.

They say we have two voices/people inside each of us.

Your brain and thoughts can make or break your success in anything you choose to do.

Not sure if you are aware but your brain has two levels of function.

Things are either done at a conscious level or the subconscious level.

They are two very different mental places.

Subconscious (or unconscious) stuff is usually done without you realising it.

Like driving a car.

Ever make a journey and arrive at your destination and the journey was a blur?
that’s because you were driving the car at a subconscious level.

And conscious stuff is the opposite, you are fully aware of what your doing.

Tasks can often pass from the conscious to the subconscious.

Again using the example of learning to drive, it starts at a very conscious level and
when you improve it eventually moves into the subconscious.

Subconscious stuff happens kind of automatically. Without any thought.

The subconscious is responsible for any automatic responses or emotions that you suddenly experience.

Your subconscious just wants to be pleasured all the time, its like a rock star
It loves tasty food, alcohol, sex, drugs and anything which gives pleasure.

It’s out of our control and you would be amazed to find out that up to 95% of your actions may occur at a subconscious level.

That means you are NOT REALLY in control of your destination if the impulsive and emotional part of the brain is running your life.

I wanted to discuss this today because I see so many people EATING subconsciously.

They are not really aware of what they are doing/eating until afterwards.

And when the conscious mind kicks in – they feel guilty.

People get into that animal mode, and just HAVE TO satisfy that craving.

What can you do about this?

It is possible with the right attitude, information and support to learn what to do.

- I’m a big fan of counselling/hypnotherapy/NLP and its always worth a try.

- Meditation has helped me “let go” of stuff a bit easier, the breathing alone is a great tool.

- Practice positive thinking (it's just like anything new it takes practice).

- Repeat an affirmation before bed and when you wake up. (an affirmation is a short powerful statement)
Something like “I posses the qualities needed to be extremely successful”.

It’s also very important to educate yourself and to start to realise WHEN something is happening at a subconscious level – be aware of your thoughts.

Look out for feelings of anger, fear, revenge, blame and envy these thoughts
are like seeds and will grow and grow if you feed them BUT will die if you don’t.

Start to replace these thoughts with positive ones and put conscious plans in place to prevent this happening.

Plan your meals/days/life so your not “pin balling” from one emotional decision to the next.

They say “when emotions are high intelligence is low”, and I agree.

Don’t let your emotions dictate your life to you.

Don’t be bullied and bossed around by your mind.

People are either controlled by their mind or are IN control of their mind.

It's your choice.

In the next month or so I’m interviewing a lady who specialises in
Removing, as she calls It, “peoples head trash”.

You will love it and it will help you get rid of any self defeating thoughts and negativity.

However until then you can start to follow this advice.

Control your subconscious and you will control your life.

Take care,


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