Lately, we hear the word brand used more often when referring to products, companies or services. Author LaRita Shelby says simply this: “You are the brand.” No matter how big or small the company is, it relies upon people to make it work. That’s why understanding your own importance is key to the success of any business or service, not matter how large or small the company may be. Understanding this is especially important for people who are entrepreneurs, independent contractors or self employed.
When you work for a company, it’s easy to rely upon someone else or another department to determine policies, procedures, dress codes and even the rules of customer service. We you work for yourself, you are the one that is defining the Why reputation of your company or service every time you accept a new customer or make a new sale. LaRita Shelby is the author of The Brand Beside The Brand: 10 Reasons to step from behind and stand beside the brand. In this quick and easy read, she encourages readers to understand their worth and empowers them to be able to communicate that worth to the customers that they serve, whether they are starting a new business, writing their first book, or if they have been on the job for twenty years. These days there’s a lot more competition for every job and every customer, The Brand Beside The Brand helps to establish a competitive edge and to maximize every effort for personal and professional growth. LaRita Shelby has a Masters Degree in Media & Communication Psychology from Touro University Worldwide, and she is available as consultant for Marketing, Branding & Media Relations. Visit:

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