You ARE the most precious gift that the world can receive. From the moment you were born you were so loved. Your beautiful smile lit up your face. As you grew, I saw your curious mind lead you places. Your innocence was so refreshing in a world filled with hate. Your loving nature makes you so special and your laughter is great. Your heart is bigger than any forest and your compassion runs deeper than any ocean.

You were always independent, and you remained curious about life and everything in it. Your compassion for others grew and your smile grew even bigger. You brought life to everyone around you.

Years later, I have tried to help you as I’ve watched you change. Your words are so hurtful and you’ve become so strange. This self-confident person that I once adored has new friends, a new wardrobe, and a whole lot more. You are so distant and as I try to get through. Is it drugs, alcohol, or is this the new you? Now your days are dark, the light barely peaks in. You have changed, what was once a smile, it barely a grin. Your eyes have become weary from all the heart strings torn; I wish I could help you, but this journey is yours alone.

Just know that you’re loved so much more than you’ll ever know. Know that you are not deserted, we pray you find the door. When you feel lost, alone and blue; that happy little boy/girl is still inside of you. You still have the compassion just don’t let it hide. I pray I see that sweet angel who has my heart in your hand. Just know that you are the most precious gift that this world can receive. You are so special and will always be!

When you think everyone’s given up on you, don’t harden your heart and hate the world. Look back at your memories, hold on tight to that wonderful past. Don’t let your hopes and dreams fade into dust, go back to better times and learn to feel trust. Search in your heart; learn to live and love again.

Look in the mirror. What do you see? A soul that is lost and hurting, that wants to be free. Free from pain and suffering and a life that has hardened your heart. Look at your eyes so sunken in, because you closed your heart. You’re not hopeless or helpless, what is lost is your soul. Now tell yourself you are worthy of a life full of love and hope. You have to start by loving you; this is where it begins. Tell yourself you are worthy, and get up and try again. You are a gift to this world, tell yourself all the time. This world needs your love and compassion.

You are worthy of such greatness, but you can’t see; behind that thick wall you built full of anger, fear, disappointment and resentment. Take one brick at a time and name it after the times you were hurt, the people that have hurt you, and the times that life has been unfair to you; throw that brick as hard and as far as you can. You can do better than that! Throw it as hard as you can! Tear that wall down one brick at a time. With each brick you throw your heart shines through more and more.

When you are ready, come take my hand. I will love and hold you, and understand. Sometimes this life isn’t easy; it’s unfair and hard to stand. Just know when you get knocked down each time is easier to get back up. Not because your heart is hardened, but because you have love.

Somewhere out there is a lost soul who needs to be found. Don’t give up; just let them know they are loved. We cannot control someone else’s actions, only our own. Sometimes people just have to go down that road in order to find their true self. All we can do is wait, hope and pray they find their way home.

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