I often wondered what I would become if that was really true. For me it would probably be something smelling faintly of chocolate and maybe peanut butter.

I do love to eat. In the past it was the bigger the better and the more the merrier. Lately I have realized that a lot of my food issues had to do with having food doled out carefully in part to keep me from looking like my aunts, or so said my mother. Because food was rationed in our home, I have continued to find that I can’t seem to be filled up. Lack in your childhood can lead to lack in your adulthood. So much of what we are comprised of is attributed to our parents genes and traits as well as their beliefs. They become firmly ingrained in our brains and very difficult to overcome.

For most of my life I was afraid to go anywhere without a bag of snack bars, nuts or even peanut butter. Heaven forbid I should get hungry and have nothing to eat. I thought for the longest time that it was because I was hypoglycemic. I found after carefully analyzing my beliefs about food that it was more to do with several past lives and starving to death. I could always stop to buy something along the road. I was rarely ten minutes away from a grocery or drug store in any direction. Why was I so afraid to leave home without food?

90% of our thoughts are unconscious. So most of the issues we have relate to our unconscious thoughts and beliefs. 80 – 90% of the issues that we have in this life have a basis in past lives. Over-eating is often a past life issue. Think about the generations of Native Americans and pioneers who starved to death in the winter. Most of us have had more than 10 past lives that we have experienced. Others have had thousands. Clearing issues from past lives is one of the easiest ways to clear up issues in our current life.

Lately I have begun to stop eating before I feel full. Instead of piling food up on my plate I serve myself less, eat slowly and enjoy what I am eating. I always bless my food, even silently in a restaurant or in front of others. Being grateful for what I have is key. Eating in silence makes a meal sacred. Your body is holy why should food not be? I love to eat. I continue to enjoy it. I just limit the amount knowing that my body is happier when it is not over-filled. Instead of living to eat, I now eat to live.

My mantra: My body is Divine. My body is sacred. I love my body.

Author's Bio: 

Jennifer Elizabeth Masters is an inspirational author, speaker and talk show host.