We are captive to the thoughts that we allow to take control of our minds. There are always different trains of thought which comes into each of our lives to influence our actions. The thought that wins is the thought that latches on and controls our actions so in that sense we are what we think.

When a thought invades your being it causes you to react in a certain way. The way that you react can constitute the difference between being a winner or a loser. When you put your thoughts into words you start a process which is hard to stop. The words that you speak affect the very atmosphere around you and shape it into situations and circumstances. These situations determine the way that your very life turns out. This is a lesson that I had to learn the hard way. Sometimes it is best to remain silent even if you know that you are right. The right word can be spoken at the wrong time and have negative effects on the people that you deal with and live around. These words shape your relationships with these people. For example, have you ever had the boss that you just couldn’t seem to get along with? Maybe the fact is that boss was not the best person in the world. You can bet your life on one thing. Whatever negative communication that came out of your mouth against that boss got back to him in some way. If it wasn’t told to him or her by someone that you talked to (which I guarantee happened). They could sense it by your attitude. Have you ever walked into a room where the atmosphere just wasn’t right? You knew that the people there had been talking about you before you came in but just couldn’t prove it. Well the person who you don’t like or talk about can sense it from your actions also.

I have a sister in law who loves to sit and watch the news on TV. The only problem is that the only news that they tell you is bad news. They have to in order to get good ratings, but can you imagine how depressing that must be? My sister in law will come to me to tell me the bad stuff that she just heard on TV. To be perfectly honest about it I don’t want to hear it. Life is too short to have negative stuff on my mind all of the time. When we open ourselves up to this it has a negative effect on our actions and personality.

Don’t be quick to accept those negative thoughts which always lurk around your mind and seek to take you down. The biggest problem that some of us have is that we make it a habit of accepting negative thoughts. Once you accept the first one the rest become easier to receive until you have been totally and completely transformed.

Have you ever heard the saying that contract killers find it easy to kill after the first time. The fact that they allowed a thought to take hold had the effect of transforming them into a killer. You can in fact come to enjoy an action or activity that you did not like before because your mind is transformed by participating in the activity.

Now that I have said this let me suggest to you that you can in fact program yourself by filtering the thoughts that you allow to control your actions. Have you ever seen two people respond differently to the absolute same situation? The reason is that they have either been programmed to react a certain way or they have programmed themselves to react a certain way. I watched a fireworks display yesterday and observed peoples reactions to the same things. Some were disturbed by the bang, smoke and noise while some just lived it. They were all at the same event so what was the difference? The difference was what was in their minds

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Cedric Rice is the founder of Riceland Enterprises, which is composed of several different business ventures. This company is currently located in Georgia.
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