A common phrase used in Coaching and therapy is experiencing an “Ah Ha” moment. A thought occurs to you that shifts your universe, you get a different perspective. A basic value that you live by is changed or altered. Everything concerned with your life, relationships, faith or even who you think you are can be effected. It happens in an instant. The roller coaster just reached the top of the ride and then, you just took off! This was mine, yesterday.

“Sometimes you aren’t what you think!” In other words, the thoughts that occur to us, come to mind or are the result of something we’re experiencing, don’t necessarily equate to who we are and they don’t have to automatically have emotions attached to them.

Here are some examples:
• “Why hasn’t she called?” – doesn’t mean that you did something wrong or that she is angry or leaving; that the relationship is failing. Maybe she is just busy or wants to spend some quality time with you and is waiting on the space to do that. Healthy relationships allow everyone’s timing and clear communication.

• “Would you look this over for corrections or editing.” – doesn’t mean that it is incorrect; you’re not good at your job or you might be let go. Maybe the person is asking if there is anything significant you could add. Asking you
to review the document again means your boss believes you are capable of doing the work he’s asking. Otherwise, he would give it to someone else. Maybe he added some comments to include. Possibly he thinks that you might have some viable additions. He’s responsible for the project, so he wants it to be the best. Maybe he needs you to help him be confident in the finished product.

• “I wasn’t invited to their house.” – doesn’t mean that you were intentionally left off the list or that you wouldn’t be invited at another time. Maybe they knew you were already going to be busy or out of town. Possibly they are planning several different times to entertain, so you’re on a different list.

• “Oh, they were talking about you.” – doesn’t mean that something bad was being said about you. Maybe someone was complementing you, quoting something you said or telling
another person about some things you were involved in – work, volunteering, groups, activities, etc.

The examples are endless. Just be aware when a thought occurs to you, don’t immediately attach an emotion to it. Leave it as a thought. Cherish your emotions, check them. Anger, disappointment, feeling left out, insecure, negative? Is the emotion in line with your heart and intuition or is your mind jumping to conclusions that there really isn’t a basis for?

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Carolyn Bates, principle coach for Coaching Life Design, specializes in life transitions and the challenges of those 50+. International Coach Federation Certified Personal Life Coach, expert author and teleclass leader.

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