You can achieve all your goals is a bold statement. I know at times achieving my own goals is difficult and does not seem like I am making any progress. Do you feel this way at times? The best advice I received was to keep doing even the smallest activity each and everyday. After 30 days of doing something everyday take a look at your progress.

Take Responsibility

The only person who can make you do any activity is you. We must take responsibility for our own lives. Honestly, no one cares as much about your goals and dreams than you. If your goals do not motivate you take action then it may be time to review your goals.

Questions to Ask Yourself:

#1 What amount of money do you want to earn five years from now?

#2 What career do you want to do in the next five year?

#3 What would your personal or family life will you have five years from now?

#4 What is your spiritual life like in five years?

#5 What type of physical shape will you be in five years from?

The final question, which goes with each of these questions, is: What actions can you take to make your answers come true?

As I said earlier the hardest part of achieving your goals is overcoming our own doubts.

What I really like about these questions is they are based on Jim Rohn's great question: The next five years will surely pass, but where will you be? The more daily action we take on our goals and dreams the easier we will achieve our goals.

Avoid Negativity

On your journey towards your goals the most important people you have to avoid are negative people. I am sure you know someone who is always complaining about something bad going on in their life. Do you look forward to talking to them to see how they are doing? Nope. Unless you are part of the same negativity club.

Do not accept membership to the Negativity Club. This is the easiest club you will ever join. Once you join the Negativity Club it is very difficult to leave this club, but it is possible. The first step is to answer all five of the above questions. The second step is to avoid the negative club people all the time. Do not join in complaining about work, the economy, the government or anything else.

Find the Goal Achievers

Actually the goal achievers will seek you out once you demonstrate your ability to accomplish goals. It is funny how this works, but the goal achievers will seek you out once you demonstrate how you achiever your goals. Just like negative people seek out like minded people, the goal achievers also seek like minded people.

The difference is after being with goal achievers you will feel more energy and look forward to taking even more action. I know for me it is like an adrenaline boost for my goal achieving gene. This is how the Law of Attraction works: Like-Minded people are attracted to other like-minded people

In closing, remember at first you will be out on your own while you are pursuing your goals. However, as you are going forward you will run into like-minded people on the same journey and they will help you. In turn you will help them with their goals. The Law of Attraction is then in full force.

Good luck pursuing and achieving all your goals and dreams!!

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