I'm not sensitive about my age. BAHAAHAHA. Ok, I've gotten better about it. At least better than I was back in 2000 when my daughter blessed me with her first child (there are three now). My granddaughter Danielle was born when I was the tender age of 44. Hey, that's young to have grandkids. Some folks are just having their first child, like my friend Susie Smith. Anyway there are advantages and disadvantages to having grandkids when you are still youthful, as I am......
Advantage - When we are all together somewhere people think I am the Mom and my daughter is MY sister. This burns my daughter's butt. It's bad for her when people mistake us for sisters........."Mother it is NOT funny, I do not look like a 55-year-old-woman anymore than you look 30".........Really? Big Advantage, I love to jerk my daughter's chain.
Disadvantage - Being called grandmother. Or g-ma or granny or any other "play" on the words grand and mother. Superman has kryptonite, I have the G-Word. My grandkids were instructed from birth to call me "NAYNAY". I do not answer to the G-Word. They know this but they are getting older, pushing their boundaries, and realize this is my Achilles heel. Now they think it is funny to refer to me using that name. Don't poke the bear with a stick, kids.
Huge Advantage - I am growing up with my grandkids. I am still young enough to have the energy to keep up with them. Well, to try anyway. I now have the time, and a little bit more patience and wisdom, to learn and teach at the same time. My happiest moments with them are when we share our life experiences.
There are no real disadvantages to having grandkids. They are a wonderful gift from God and I am blessed to have them. I am as young or old as I choose to be and a name isn't going to change who I am. I just hate THAT name. NayNay fits me just fine.

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I am a child of the 60's, well 1956 to be exact. Writer Erma Bombeck was wildly popular and as a child I truly admired her witty style. Erma is gone now but not forgotten. I started this blog to honor my "inner writer" who was influenced by Erma, and I hope to inspire you in some way. In the spirit of Erma Bombeck, laugh while you heal. Namaste.