John lives an average life, waking up at 7 am every day. He immediately switches on the radio as he wakes up, filling his brain with all sorts of random pointless distracting input. He drives off to work with the radio blaring away in the background. This allows him to stay tuned out of his day and distracts him from thinking about what he needs to do that day.

The first thing he does, when he arrives at the office, is make a cup of, where he spends 20 minutes chatting to colleges, before reluctantly walking to his desk and switching on his computer. By the time his computer has booted up, almost 30 minutes of his day has passed.

The first thing he tackles are his emails, which he spends the next 60 minutes reading, and laughing hysterically at all the funny junk emails he has received, from his friends. The rest of the day is spent in overwhelm and distraction, where he spends most of his time dealing with random issues that pop up, most of them unimportant to him.

People constantly interrupt him throughout the day, so he is unable to focus on any priority tasks for very long during the day at all. He spins his wheels all day, gets to the end of another day exhausted, having achieved very little.

He goes home collapses in the sofa, in front of the TV and watches another 5 hours of pointless entertainment, so that he does not have to think about his pointless day. He feels like he has worked really hard, but once again achieved very little.

Learn a few New Daily Success Habits
Do you know anyone like that, or maybe you are John. Where you feel like you are spinning your wheels every day, achieving very little. That can change right now, if you are willing to forgo a little pleasure in the moment and learn a few new daily success habits.

Plan your day the night Before
This really simple new success habit will save you an incredible amount of time every day and allow you to start your day running, with a very clear picture of what your priority activities are and when you will tackle them.

Set aside time slots to Tackle your Top Priorities
During your planning session the night before, set aside time slots in your day, to tackle your top priorities. These are your goal specific activities, which you need to carry out every day, in order to achieve your goals. These are crucial time slots where you close your door and put all your focus on getting your priority goal specific tasks done, every day.

When you meet with your most important client, you do allow distractions. Treat the “meetings with your future” the same way and you will astound yourself how quickly you start to see your goals unfold.

Set Aside time late in the morning to read emails
During your planning session, set aside as little time as necessary to read only the important emails, which have value to you. Schedule this for around 10 am, once your day is working and on track. Stop blind copying everyone and their cousin, in on every email you send and encourage everyone you deal with to do the same.

Far too much time is spent reading unnecessary emails, which mean nothing to you; because people blindly copy everyone they think might need to read the email. Most importantly, do not waste time reading or distributing junk emails. If you send funny mails to friends, they will do the same for you.

Be absolutely clear with everyone around you and tell them not to send you time wasting material. Be ruthless with how you ignore and delete all this type of rubbish.

Wake up and Get up
When you wake up and immediately get up, you are setting the tone for a really productive day. I refer to this as your daily activation energy. The way you start your day, energised, inspired and driven, is the way your day will unfold. Drink a glass of water as soon after getting up as possible, to energise and rehydrate your body.

Read for 15 minutes
Sustainable success is all about having a commitment to consistently learn and grow. When you wake up every day, get out of bed and read a quality transformational, educational or inspirational book, for just 15 minutes. If you do this every day, you will manage to read about 5 to 10 pages a day.

Over a year, that will add up to between 1500 and 3000 pages of good transformational information, which will help you to expand your world. The average human developmental book is about 250 pages. That means that you can read between 5 and 10 developmental books a year, by introducing this simple routine into your life.

Exercise every morning
By introducing a simple daily habit of exercising for 30 minutes every morning, you not only feel more energised, but you build better health and vigour. The better the shape you are in, the more energy you will have every day, to carry out your priority activities.

Listen to inspirational, Transformational or Educational Cd’s on your drive to and from work
Instead of wasting around 500 hours a year on your commute to and from work, listening to the radio, rather listen to informative cd’s, which will either uplift and energise or educate you on your commute to and from work every day. Time is your most valuable possession, invest yours wisely.

Your Day Continues
Armed with your plan for the day, you can immediately start your day, focused, energised and driven. On the way to your desk, drink a bottle of water; nothing energises you more than water does.

When you are conducting your “meetings with your future”, those time slots where you tackle your daily priorities, do not allow any distractions at all. Focus with dogged determination to get everything you have planned done, during this time slot. Over time this discipline will add up into the success you desire.

There are many more ways you can dramatically increase your productivity every day. Please visit my website as described below for more information. Stay productive throughout your day and make your work matter.

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