Blood Pressure
Blood pressure bullets
• Eating less sugar leads to steadier blood sugar levels and that turns off the high blood pressure gene. Limit sugary drinks and opt for whole grain high fiber carbs.
• Omega 3 will moderately improve high blood pressure.
• Folic acid and calcium can help.
• Mushroom’s fiber reduces HBP.
• Magnesium helps lower blood pressure.
• Sesame oil reduced severe hypertension 32 points in 2 months. Sesame oil is a popular choice for stir fry’s.
• Four ribs of celery a day can lower blood pressure by 14%.
• An ounce of nuts contain a host of stay calm nutrients, for instance blood pressure reduction.
• Two 8oz. glasses of beet juice a day significantly lowers blood pressure.
• One clove of garlic a day for 12 weeks will significantly reduce blood pressure. Use garlic in cooking, salad, and soup.
• A diet low in potassium may be a factor that leads to high blood pressure.
• Sweet potatoes are high in potassium.
• 4,700 mg of potassium per day can be received from eating 2.5 cups of fruits and veggies. (Soybeans, spinach, kidney beans, bananas, etc.)
• Potassium can also be found in ½ cup canned white beans, 8 oz. non-fat yogurt, 3oz. canned clams, and ¾ cup of prune juice.
• Olive leaf extract can lower BP. A 1,000 mg capsule daily can lower systolic pressure by 11 points.
• High fructose corn syrup raises blood pressure.
• Whole grain cereal lowers BP.
• Purple potatoes have polyphenol antioxidants.
• Foods that control blood pressure: apricots, avocados, bananas, beets, broccoli, cantaloupe, figs, chestnuts, garlic, lemons, limes, and mushrooms.
Cut the salt
• Cutting down on salt significantly lowers blood pressure in 30 to 60% of people with hypertension and 25 to 50% of those with normal blood pressure readings.
Home cures that work
• Eating ½ cup of beans daily helps up to 77% of women get their blood pressure under control, usually in a month.
• Beans are packed with up to 594 mg. of potassium per serving.
Forgive someone to bring down your blood pressure
• If you can forgive and forget, your blood pressure will drop significantly.
Lower blood pressure with celery
• Eating just four ribs of celery a day can reduce your blood pressure by as much as 14%.
Hot coco
• Hot coco decreases blood pressure naturally almost instantly.
Sweet potato surprises
• Sweet potatoes are loaded with vitamin C, carotenoids, and antioxidants that protect against cancer and heart disease. The high potassium content helps control blood pressure.
Beets and blood pressure
• Drinking two 8-ounce glasses of beet juice a day significantly lowers blood pressure.
Lower slightly elevated blood pressure
• Best way is to lose weight. People who lost 10 pounds had the most significant blood-pressure reductions.
• The worst is yelling. If you’re furious, your blood pressure and heart rate will stay down if your volume stays down.
3 Natural ways to lower blood pressure
1. Go home earlier – working more than 41 hours a week raises hypertension by 15%.
2. Take short walks – 40 minutes for exercise a day will lower blood pressure by 5%.
3. Pick produce wisely – foods that are high in fiber and soluble and insoluble can slash your blood pressure from 3 to 7 points.
Are you over-exercising?
• If you exercise three times a week for 30 minutes, you can possibly lower your blood pressure by 10 points, but if you exercise too much, you can become sicker.
Three kiwis could help lower blood pressure
• People around the age of 55 who had three kiwis a day for 8 weeks had a 3.6 drop in blood pressure.
Know your vitamins
• Folic acid and calcium can help keep blood pressure normal.
How to balance blood pressure
• New studies show lowing stress can help lower blood pressure. Keep stressful situations to a minimum.
Reverse Aging
• As we live with poor waste disposal systems for a long period of time, some parts of our body builds up more acids than others, which can clog capillary vessels around those acidic areas. This will cause body organs to function sluggish; this is when most get high blood pressure.
Outsmart your genes
• To disable the risk of high blood pressure, limit sugary drinks and desserts. Opt for whole-grain, high-fiber carbs.
High levels of insulin
• High levels of insulin can cause high blood pressure.
Boost your health
• Lower your blood pressure by having a serving of whole grain cereal a day, and your risk drops 20%.
Lower blood pressure with eggs
• Eggs contain ACE inhibit peptides that lower blood pressure.
Keep your blood pressure low
• Lower your numbers with flax up to four points.
• Taking 120 mg of coenzyme Q10 daily lowered blood pressure 17 points in three months, curing hypertension for 50% of people in a recent study.
• Snuggling with a loved one for five minutes daily can lower blood pressure 30%.
• Taking 10 relaxed, deep breaths per minute, helps women take 14 points off their blood pressure.
Your health
• Listening to soft, slow music can lower your blood pressure.
Dark chocolate
• Snacking on 50 dark chocolate chips a day can sweeten your health profile in many ways, including your blood pressure.
• 3.5 ounces of dark chocolate daily for two weeks can lower systolic blood pressure by 5 points and diastolic blood pressure by 2 points.
Easy way to lower blood pressure
• Olive leaf extract can substantially lower blood pressure.
• Twins who took 1,000 mg of the extract for 8 weeks lowered their systolic pressure by 11 points.
Have some borscht
• Drinking two cups of beet juice a day could lower blood pressure significantly, in one hour.
Feel more peaceful
• A handful of nuts contain a host of stay calm nutrients that help lower blood pressure.
Health benefits of watermelon
• Daily doses of watermelon extract lowers blood pressure.
New ways to head off high blood pressure
• Taking a few bites of food before consuming alcoholic beverages cuts the risk of pressure surges in half.
• Dancing for 30 minutes, four times a week can cut your risk of hypertension by 52%.
• Maximize your Rx by taking it at night, and your heart attack risk with drop 50%.
Lower blood pressure with pals
• Folks who join a book club and regularly do social activities have blood pressure readings around 14 points lower than those who don’t socialize often.
Secret reason for high blood pressure
• 80% of people who wear sunscreen aren’t getting enough vitamin D – and our skin can’t make its own. Vitamin D helps heal damaged blood vessels and relaxes arteries, preventing blood pressure spikes.

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