We know that our mind can be divided into two broad compartments – the conscious and the subconscious. Conscious mind is what we are more conscious of, for it is the conscious mind that we use during our waking hours. Our subconscious mind comes into play when we are sleeping or when we are not fully awake. Conscious mind makes up only a small surface portion of the whole mind, while the subconscious mind constitutes the largest part of our mind working from behind.

We do all the conscious works like thinking, reasoning, making decisions, calculating etc. using our conscious mind. The whole range of conscious activities may make the conscious mind appear to be playing a more important role than the subconscious. But subconscious is what gives shape to the conscious mind. Every day science is coming up with evidence that subconscious is a silent dynamo beneath the conscious mind.

You can take the subconscious as an invisible artist swinging his master strokes turning into the painting that you ‘see’. The subconscious, staying invisible behind the canvas, is the salient force leading to your conscious mind. Your subconscious mind is a giant reservoir that holds all the experiences, impressions, ideas, lessons, and beliefs that you are having every second. Subconscious can be seen as a hard drive on your mind, with the conscious mind continually retrieving data from it, and making decisions. So, you can see a vast amount of stuff is happening without you knowing.

At this point of interaction between the conscious and the subconscious, you can exploit the power of your subconscious mind – by making conscious and deliberate efforts to draw raw information off it. And you can make it happen by communicating with it. You put forward your problems to the subconscious and ask it for a solution, give him targets that you are badly in need of fulfilling. You can simply draw upon the huge storehouse of raw data within your subconscious. If you need to have a particular result, for example, how to land the best job that you always dream of, all you need to do is let your subconscious mind know precisely what you want in full detail.

Once you have told your subconscious what you want done, it’s your subconscious that will do the rest. Because your subconscious is not only a reservoir of your day-to-day experiences, it’s also strung to boundless resources via its connection to the universal mind. It’s like the internet with a huge network of computers connected to your own computer. In the beginning you program your subconscious mind via your conscious mind much the same way you organize data on your hard drive. You interact with people, watch movies, take a walk in the wood – and your subconscious mind just ‘writes it up’. But as the process that the subconscious undergoes is an involuntary one, a lot of stuff gets programmed into it accidentally. For instance, we may not want to remember a bad experience, but our subconscious stores the bad experience nonetheless and routinely sends it to the conscious mind.

It therefore comes out that if you are persistently experiencing something that would verily like to avoid, it’s the erroneous programming of your subconscious mind. But fortunately, as you programmed it – whether unwittingly or deliberately – you can re-program it whenever you want, and get the result you desired. It’s true that science has not yet found a way to simply erase your pestering thoughts as smoothly as you can erase files from your hard drive, you can still overwrite unwanted programming with thoughts, ideas, and beliefs that would not jeopardize your peace of mind.

And you can do it by concentrating seamlessly on what you want executed. ‘See’ with your mind your goals, and think that they are already reached. When your old disturbing background noises keep seeping through your mind, let your newly programmed thoughts become louder and louder until the old noises gradually die down. Have attitudes that know no failing, and don’t let you get stuck. Just keep moving ahead. It’s your old trailing thoughts that will initially get you stuck, but your newly programmed thoughts will extend a rescuing hand, and you will start to see the outcome that you so desired. Only if you can fully tap the power of your subconscious mind, will you be able to use your mind to the fullest of its capacity.

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