It makes us happy when someone ask us to send them the video uploaded as status on WhatsApp. We all have someone in our contact list who always upload unique and amusing videos as their status that we all enjoy. You can upload short clips as status but also upload songs and long videos with cuttings into part. It is similar to the story feature at Snapchat and Instagram. You can also have those inspiring and impressive WhatsApp statuses with videos.

WhatsApp video download opportunity is for those crazy fans who love to be active on the social networking platforms. You can also send the special videos to the loved ones or share in the groups. It will make you popular among your friends that you always have an amazing collection of the unique and exclusive videos.

Video Songs

Full HD songs can also be uploaded cutting them into small portions of a few seconds but there are also special video songs edited to share on WhatsApp. The videos are edited with new images, animations, drama clips, and lyrics to make an attractive clip. The selected part of the songs leave more impact than the complete song as they have the lyrical part where the emotions are strong. If you want to convey something through the video this is the best option.

Lyrical Videos

They are more grabbing with special attention to the words and feelings in the songs. Lyrical videos can also be download for the whole song or a part of it. There are also lyrical videos with a background music and poetry lyrics. Poetry lyrical video are strong and impactful for giving your message or expressing your emotions. The images enhance the emotions in the video that are added by the video editors especially for you.

Dubbed videos

There are so many entertaining Hindi dubbed videos and clipping that can be hilarious or informative. Sharing informative videos will show the serious and responsible side of you. The hilarious dubbed videos can make the people laugh in the time they spare to watch statuses of the contacts.

Funny Whatsapp video download

When the life is filled with the elements to make you tired and exhausted; funny videos are source of smile and relaxation for a moment. You must download and share the hilarious videos as your status and also with your friends to make them smile. It boosts the energy level and make us forget the worries and tensions for a while that is like a refresh button in life.

Emotional love and sad videos

Videos help you out when you cannot use words to show your love or sadness. A representative video for your emotions will say it with all the passion inside you. Emotional and sad videos for WhatsApp status are especially edited with songs, clips and animations.

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