Is animal communication a gift? Can anyone do it? Can you learn to do it? Can only certain people with "the gift" do it? Is it something "others" can do but not you?

Well the answer to all these questions is everyone can do it. "psychic ability" is not a special gift. Intuition is not something to scoff at or relegate to "women's intuition". It does take putting aside our skepticism, our "empirical" mindset, our left brainitis. It is a right brain function. And like any other skill it takes practice, practice, practice.

So how do you start? By "listening". Listening is in and of itself a skill and one many in the western world do not have in the same abundance that those in the eastern world do. Listening is a major component in meditation. Another activity that the eastern world is much more familiar with than we in the west are. Have an open mind and set aside your preconceived notions about "telepathy".

Can you do that? Can you "listen"? Can you learn to meditate? Can you set aside your skepticism about "telepathy"? If you can then you can begin.

The first step is to put yourself in a meditative state. Find a comfortable quiet place to sit or lie down. Close your eyes Breathe deeply. If you are not used to meditation you can use a guided meditation cd. These can be found in any cd section or on line. Quiet yourself so that you are ready to listen. Open your mind so you are ready to receive.

Once you are really relaxed and open, picture in your mind the animal you want to talk to. Look deeply into their eyes. Look into their soul. Then still imagining them call their name three times as you imagine their name landing on their back. Ask permission to speak with them. Respect for the animal you want to talk with is critical. EX: "Megan, Megan, Megan are you there? May I speak with you?"


You may "hear" your animal respond in your mind like talking to yourself.
You may "see" an image of the animal in your mind.
You may "feel" the animal near you.
You may "just know" that the animal is responding.

But don't be surprised if the animal is surprised that YOU can hear THEM. Most animals long a go gave up on humans re-member-sing the telepathic means of communication.

Now you have started and it is important to get validation. So you will want to talk with an animal other than your own and ask a question you could not know the answer to. For instance when I was first training, I ask the dog I was talking to what color her food bowl was. She said none. I was confused. I said do you mean it is white. She said no. None. I said do you mean it is gray? She said NO! NONE. I said ok and told her human companion this. Her human companion laughed and said that is right. She has no bowl. I feed her on aluminum foil. Well every dog has a food bowl right? There was no way I could know or guess that she did not. I could only know it if she told me.

Then practice, practice, practice. Find books to read on telepathy and animal communication. Practice telepathy with people. Listen to cds or watch DVDs on animal communication. Take every opportunity to learn and to practice. Attend an introductory animal communication workshop like the one I am offering in the Indianapolis, Indiana area in Oct 2011.

( Or look for one in your area.

Remember - everyone CAN do this. You have to WANT to. You have to have an open mind. You DON'T have to believe when you begin. I didn't. But you do have to at least be open to the possibility. If you are, soon you will be happily conversing with your animal friends - "and they can talk with you!"

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I am a professional animal/interspecies communicator who provides telepathic consultations between animals and their human companions. I also offer workhops on how to do telepathic animal communication, lectures and fundraising opportunities.
My Company is Animal Talk & Supplies, LLC