Think, how can you make your today, a wonderful day of your life. I give you some suggestions:

1. Go for a morning walk.
2. Take a good nutritious breakfast.
3. Smile a lot and say hello to as many persons as possible.
4. Say thank you to God for all His blessings and to the people who are helpful to you in one way or other.
5. Enjoy your work and try to do it in a more efficient way.
6. Do some creative work.
7. Make a telephone call to a friend or a family member whom you have not seen for quite a long time.
8. Write a letter to an imaginatory friend and tell him/her about your ambitions, dreams and goals.
9. Extend a helping hand to an old person.
10. Engage yourself in some fun-filled physical activity.
11. Listen to music and sing a song.
12. Have lunch/dinner with some friend or a family member.
13. Read articles or a book on self-improvement.
14. Spend some time alone and plan your future activities.
15. Clean and re-decorate your home in a different way.
16. Don’t keep on thinking about your problems rather think about the possible solutions.
17. Do some meditation in complete silence in order to free your mind from all kind of negative thoughts.
18. Don’t allow anyone to spoil your day.
19. Appreciate others and give encouraging remarks.
20. Take enough sleep so that you get up fresh the next morning.

These are just suggestions. You can plan your day as you wish but keep in mind that this is the most wonderful day of your life and you need to do anything that can lighten up your day. Do whatever pleases you and can bring happiness to your life.

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Hifzur Rehman is the founder and editor of