OK, I don’t want to suggest that starting something new is always easy -peasy-lemon-swueezy because well, we are all human and it can be tough to change the way you see the world and start doing something different, right?


I get it!  I live it every day and it can feel tough to learn new concepts AND IMPLEMENT them!


We were all brought up to  get a job and be told what to do and they also told us that that would make life work and so, now when we discover that life is not working the way we want it too, we feel trapped and unable to change things.


And so, here I come and tell you that you can make $5k a month NOW in your own online business and you may doubt me but I am the same as you and if I can do that and more, then so can you.  Let me lay it out for you…


  • You need a audience of people turned on to you…
  • You need to find out what those people want…
  • You need to create it, find it, get it any old how and sell it to them at a profit to yourself…


That is the simple method but yo umay be thinking it is not all that simple and I would agree with you that when you don’t know how, you don’t know how…


But you have to understand it this simply first and then find the courage within you to actually start to take the steps and learn what you need to learn as you go.


An Audience

In this day of social media where people from all over the world congregate, it is simple enough to start gathering an audience and one of the best ways to do it is to start telling them about what yuo think , what you know, how you can help them.  On a daily basis, put together a few blogs, social media updates, videos (You do not have to do it all but do a few of them).  This is called content and it warms people up to you adn some of these people will choose to like what you are about and stick around in your world.

This is the beginning of a relationship with them so have a place for them to congregate – Facebook page/group or something along those lines is a safe place for your audience to grow.

I would then take it one step further and ask them to join an email list that you control.  Give them an incentive to join your mailing list.  Consider what your main product/service/ministry/book/music is going to be and offer something similar and they only get it if they willingly join your list.

If you are not even sure what to offer, let me help you in the next point…


A Need

OK, so as soon as you start getting people interested in your content, you now need to figure out how you can serve them.  ANd how do you figure this out?  You ask them.

If you are building a mailing list, send out an email and ask them what they want.

And do this, even if you are completely sure about what you want to offer the world because your people will almost always describe things differently from you and so though you may know the solution to their needs, they may not express it in exactly the way you think they should.

Listen to what they say they want and position your product/service/whatever as a solution to that need.

Use their words!  This is critically important!


Solve It

OK, so now you know what they want, as I already said, you need to give them what they want.  Not what you THINK they want but exactly what they say they want.  IF you ask them and they tell you and then you find a solution that fits their exact desires, you will be surprised at how quickly you get to $5k a month.

Let me emphasize this some more…  If you are willing to let go of your ego around how awesome you think your thing is, as is… and instead of telling people what YOU think they need and instead listen to what they say they want and position your solution using THEIR words…  then you will get to make a difference to a lot more people and also make a lot of money for you and for yours.

Remember, the more people you help get what they want, they more money you make – It is a law of life!


And as a bonus point, structure your business with low, mid and high tier items becuase you will have customers that you can either upsell to something higher priced and that will get you to $5k a month faster  or you will have some that will only buy the high tier items as people sometimes make judgements on the quality of an item by its price.  And as some people want the VIP experience, they will buy only that and that can shoot you to $5k rather fast!

This works whatever your product/service/book/music/ministry is, you just need to get a little strategic and think about how to structure your business and also how to meet more people’s needs BY ASKING THEM what they want and doing whatever it takes to PROVIDE EXACTLY WHAT THEY SAID THEY WANT.

You may think you know best and you probably do but ultimately, they are the ones who need to buy into your solution in order for you to have a business.

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live.

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Rosemary Nonny Knight used to be a pharmacist and then decided to do her own thing and gain freedom. She made it happen with real estate management and now shows others how to set up their own business and get those first few customers online