Revit MEP is a Building Information Modeling (BIM) software that is used far and wide in today’s industry. It is a product of the globally recognized Autodesk, Inc. It is the only BIM software that assists a BIM workflow from theory to the construction stage. This feature-rich software application is primarily used by the professionals from the Electrical, Mechanical, and Plumbing, fields; generally referred to as MEP professionals. The Revit MEP training courses prove highly beneficial for the candidates who have a genuine interest in the architecture and building design field; mostly, structural engineers and architects. Pursuing Revit MEP certification training after a civil engineering degree is arguably the best set of qualification to establish you in the BIM career.

Till the present day, a number of industry surveys have been conducted to evaluate the role played by a professional certification in influencing a person’s career. All these surveys have solidly declared that obtaining a professional certification like the Autodesk Revit MEP, after the formal university qualification, can significantly augment the professional profile of a candidate and provide him/her with a lead over the regular candidates. Undoubtedly, a professional Revit MEP certification has the potential to enhance the career prospects of fresher candidates and provide the working professionals with the highly sought-after leap in their career. Whether you are a mechanical engineer, civil engineer, drafter, or any other professional, associated with the construction and design field, a Revit MEP certification can surely help you to make rapid strides in your respective career.

Revit MEP online training is indeed the best training option for the professionals employed in the construction sector. Upon the successful completion of this training, you will be able to:
• Comprehend the fundamental concepts of Revit MEP;
• Appreciate the use of BIM solution in producing 3D architectural models;
• Set up the project information and energy analysis;
• Implement pipe and plumbing settings with both manual and semi-automatic approach;
• Create impeccable layouts of building(s) to design the walls, doors, and windows in 3D;
• Conveniently work with different views such as sheet, schedule, elevation, and drafting;
• Suitably set up the project information and energy analysis;
• Create mechanical and electrical drawings in the construction field, and perform many other activities.
The full-time university students and the professionals working in the construction or structural engineering fields, who dream of making rapid strides in their respective careers, can enroll in an online Revit MEP training program without any inhibition. This training offers unparalleled flexibility and control to the learners in terms of deciding their own suitable time, place, and pace of study; therefore, you can obtain the knowledge of this domain while continuing with your routine job or study. The online mode also offers to the learners access to useful learning resources such as a virtual classroom, 24/7 e-learning content, on-demand mock-tests, practice assignments, webinars, instant performance reports, live chat support, and much more. All these resources go a long way in rendering an enriching learning experience to the course participants. However, these benefits of online training can only be expected when the candidate enrolls in a credible training institution.

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