If you were to think about what is impossible for you to achieve or attain, certain things could come to mind. Therefore, it will seem as though this is something that is fixed and there is nothing that you can do about it.

However, while this may be so, it doesn’t mean that what you believe is impossible is actually impossible. To shake your mind up a little bit, you could think about the things you have achieved in your life that you thought were impossible at one point in time.

Another Option

If nothing comes to mind at this stage, you could think about what was once seen as impossible for humans as a whole which ended up changing. For example, for a very long time, it was believed that it was not possible to run a mile in under four minutes.

In 1954, this was something that was made possible by Roger Banister, who ran a mile in 3 minutes 59.4 seconds. After this had taken place, numerous people ended up doing the same thing.

What Changed?

Two things stand out here; firstly, what was seen as impossible became possible and, secondly, after he had achieved this feat, it wasn’t long before other people did. So what do these two examples have in common?

What they demonstrate is how powerful beliefs are, and once they change, the impossible can become possible. The first person didn’t buy in the belief that it was impossible and thanks to this, he was able to achieve something that would shake up what other people believed was possible.

Back To You

Now that you have thought about this, is there at least one time in your life that you achieved something that at one stage of your life you thought was impossible? It doesn’t have to be something monumental.

It just needs to be something that you didn’t believe was possible, not anyone else. If you can think of anything, what you could also think about is if you were able to do this, what else are you capable of?

My Early Beginnings

When I look at my own life, I can see that I wouldn’t even be writing this, let alone any of the other things I have written, if I had listened to what was said about me when I was at school and allowed what was taking place to define me. I had severe learning difficulties and I couldn’t read properly until I was about eleven or twelve.

I was told that I would be more likely to do something practical when I was older, due to the difficulties that I had. As time passed, I ended up with an extremely strong desire, and willingness, to understand myself (and this made me read and to write later on) – I was in too much pain to get too caught up in the challenges that I had had and still had.

You Are More than Your Circumstances

One thing that you could do to stay focused and not to get too caught up in what your mind believes is to make a list of what you have achieved over the years. Along with this, you could write down a few things that other people have achieved that were seen as being impossible at one point in time.

Another thing that you could do is to write down what you believe is impossible when it comes to your own life and then to look into the beliefs that are supporting this outlook. The following quote by Napoleon Hill is apt, “What the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve.”

How Can I Serve You?

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