The two most valuable assets, you possess are your time and your health, can never be locked away in a vault for safekeeping. In fact in most cases their true value rarely gets appreciated, until they are depleted. Remember that both your health and your time are the raw materials, which create your life. You can either choose to use them wisely or waste both of them. With enough neglect, you can even destroy both altogether.

You Have enough Potential for 100 lifetimes
You have so much potential pent up inside of you, that even if you could live for 100 lifetimes, you would not be capable of depleting it. So of course if we were immortal, there would be no need to set goals, design an effective set of plans or to prioritise. We could just go along with the flow and wait for things to come to us. There would be no need to worry about any squandered time.

We could accomplish everything we needed to accomplish at our leisure. Everyone would eventually manage to make something of their lives, even if it was just by chance. As you know, all you have available to you in this life, is a limited supply of both time and health, so it is your responsibility to make the most of both. You have a responsibility to make the most of what you have, whilst you are on this beautiful earth.

Do Super Achievers have any more time than you do?
Every one of us has 86400 seconds a day or 168 hours a week. No matter who you are, this never changes. If we all have the same amount of time available, then why do some people get so much more done each week? It is not because scientists have found a way to invent a few more seconds each week to give to super achievers or because the super-rich have found a way to buy more time. No, it is simply because some people are able to get so much more from their available time.
Queen Elizabeth I of England, the richest, most powerful woman on earth of her era, whispered these final words on her deathbed: “All my possessions for a moment of time!” Time and health are indeed the two most important facets of your life. How are you using or abusing yours?

Start by doing the things you can do
The secret to get the most from your time is to stop worrying about all the things you want to do, but are unable to do, for whatever reason that may be. Instead find ways to do all the things you can do, but for whatever reason, don’t. Stop looking back over days spent spinning your wheels as you run on that never ending hamster wheel of discontent. All time wasted is gone forever, never to be seen again. Invest your most valuable possession into living, laughing and creating. What could bring more meaning and fulfilment into your experience than that?

Learn to Control your Lifestyle
To truly make the most of every day, you must be conscious and present at all times, where you control your habits and choices. To be fully self-actualised, you must invest time to exercise, make healthier food choices and ensure that you look after your health. Make time to relax, listen to great music, enjoy cultural, family and artistic activities and ensure that you get sufficient sleep. This will enable you to tackle each new day with vigour and passion.

You can Make your time count
Of course there is no time like the present so start right now and begin to look at your life from a fresh perspective. Become aware once again and as you travel through your day, regularly stop and ask yourself this question “Is what I am doing in this moment, important to my health, wellbeing and purpose in life and is it for the greater good of all concerned”? Ensure that you can always answer this question, in the affirmative and you will have discovered the path towards truly mastering and enjoying your precious time on this planet.

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