To start something new takes courage. To go someplace new takes a sense of adventure. To face obstacles that are hard to overcome takes strength. To give unconditionally takes love. To understand takes time. Being there for someone takes being a friend.

We are not programmed to be upbeat and positive 24/7. We have our rough moments and we have rough days. The key to it is to see the positive in all things. Once a negative thought reaches your mind, catch it and change it before it is spoken. A good thing to practice is replacing a negative word with a positive word. This is useful if you use a certain sentence or a specific word.

Take notice of your routines. How do you start your day? As you are moving, are you moving in a positive way? Are you dreading everything you are doing? Are you moving with a positive attitude? This is important because it is the start of your day and it will set the tone for the rest of it. Do you exercise? Do you watch TV for a couple of hours? Are you running around the house getting the children ready and yourself ready? Set the alarm earlier and take advantage of some quiet time before everyone in the house wakes up. Doing this works wonders! Tune out the negatives! Limit what you watch on TV, keep it upbeat.

Before we can give our best, we have to be our best. By this, it means whatever trait that you don’t like about yourself, you can change it. You have to put the work into it, but you can do it. It is very important to nurture your mind and body. Sometimes we give so much of ourselves that we truly have little left. This is something that only you can change. If you want to work on a happier, healthier attitude you can start anytime. If you want to do some soul searching, set the time aside to do it. You have to make the time available to you. The beauty to self-growth is that you can start anytime.

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