“Everything is Part of ONE Consciousness”

My mother passed away a few weeks ago but she’s not gone. I talk to my mother all the time… she is always with me. And you too can talk to your departed loved ones.

When my mother passed away I missed her because we would talk on the phone every single day. But now that my mother is not here physically, I can still talk to her, for she can hear me and she can respond. We talk all the time now… and it’s very natural.

And you too can talk to your departed loved ones. All you have to do is start having a conversation with them. Your loved ones are part of the great One Consciousness and thus they can respond from that place of Oneness and thoughts will pop into your head as they respond.

This doesn’t take any training, it’s just about getting our logical mind and preconceived ideas out of the way. Even Sai Baba said, “When I die I will be closer to you… than you are to yourself.”

The great psychic John Edwards talks to people on the other side of the veil all the time. He’s very open to the idea and allowed himself to go with it, and thus he can answer questions for people about their loved ones.

Even in the documentary “The Afterlife Experiments” in the UK (this video can be found on Youtube)… lots of scientific studies where done showing without a doubt, that something definitely was taking place, and that there is a connection to heaven.

I personally believe, that this plane of existence we live in now… is not real at all. When we depart and cross over to the other side to Heaven, that is our true home and our real life. This place now is a place to learn lessons, a chance to raise our vibration and learn to be closer to God, the Great Spirit, and the Universe.

So if you have someone who has passed away… remember you can talk to them and they will answer. They will answer in your mind… and they will answer with surprising answers… as if they were standing right in front of you.

So don’t despair about your departed loved one… he or she is not gone… only living in another plane of existence.

Many Blessings to Everyone!

Dr. Paul Haider

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