Are you hiding out in your business and keeping that 'freak flag' in the closet so other's won't get their panties in a bunch?

Have you even tried to 'dumb down' or 'quash' some of the very qualities and characteristics that would make you more marketable and more memorable.......playing it safe and all so you can 'fit in' and seem like a real business person?

Or maybe you have had to 'settle' for working in a way that isn't you or feels awkward because some coach or marketer told you that you should go down a certain path to be successful?

If you are doing and feeling these things I have two words for you-


You owe it to yourself and those you are supposed to serve to get your big, bold, shiny- freaky-self out there in a way that serves you, attracts the cool people you are destined to work with, and makes for a business you love.

You Can't Afford to Stay Invisible!

And that's why I decided to interviewed my biz coach - Therese Skelly- for my podcast. I wanted Therese to bust some myths and shake things up with her "Inner Marketing" concepts.

I've been working with Therese for the last 5 months and have gotten clear on the places where I get hung up and step out of my power. I firmly believe that the inner marketing piece is even more important that what you do to market yourself. Because if your not really resonating with what you're putting out there, and your not speaking in your own voice and being 'Real' people won't buy....hell......they won't even know your alive.

That's why I want you to hear what she says because trust me...she's quite an evangelist for getting rid of that pre-packaged life and helping you really bring it to your biz.

If I do say so myself- this interview kicked-ass!

Therese is so fun and we covered so many aspects of the inner marketing game. Ok...I admit that we got a bit gross talking about meat hooks and sides of beef....but it was really a good way to illustrate her message- You have to be able to differentiate yourself and give people a reason to hire you over everyone else doing similar work. ( Yes it's true- this is what flying your freak flag in your biz is all about!)

Give the interview a listen here on my podcast-

You'll discover the mindset you need to shift in to fully own your unique brand, and what will prevent you from having the courage to weave that through your marketing. (Because when you have it woven throughout...all your writing gets more clear, people resonate with it, and you become known as a sought after expert.)

And mostly, you'll be inspired, get permission, and know the next steps to take.

Author's Bio: 

Presented by Leah Shapiro; Kick-Ass Life Coach & Head Rabble Rouser at Defy the Box. Leah is the champion for your non-conforming soul. Leah shows you how to break free from your unsatisfying, pre-packaged life in order to create the kick-ass life of your dreams. A self admitted hedonist, Leah is frequently off engaging in pleasurable pursuits and is known to be a mighty temptress.