Do you ever look at other people and think if you just had what they had you would be happy (content)?

Perhaps a celebrity, or even someone you work with or see regularly? "They have it made", you think to yourself.

If you could only have what they had you would be happy, too.

The reality, though, is that life will likely throw you some time of curve over the long term. It could be people letting you down, feeling too hot or cold, health problems and aging, accidents, unjust legal problems, or - of course - the unexpected things you never saw coming.

People think if they just won the lotto and sat on the beach all day that things would be peachy.

However, there is more to it if you think about it. This post looks at the Thanksgiving message from a different perspective.

What Does Thanksgiving Mean?

Do you get bored now?

Do you notice that things are exciting at first, and then lose some of their appeal over time? (Even Christmas presents do this) Do you really think the beach all day will have that luster forever? (Few worldly things do).

The point of the post is to enjoy and appreciate what you have now.

The Thanksgiving message was intended to sit back and thank God for all that he has done in your life.

Thanksgiving message

Do you have Ebola? Things could be worse for you.

Or how about this? If you ask most people who have reached middle age there has probably been an incident where you could have died, but lived? (Do you have one?)

The author can think of multiple times in his life where a split second difference could have meant death. Yet God chose another path.

Sometimes God has done significant things, and sometimes it is the small things every day.

God is working in your life every day - maybe it is sunshine, a smile or something you didn't really deserve to get but did, We don't think about those kinds of things as much, but we should.

Have you ever felt trapped by life, thinking there was no way out or no end to the pain? For example on September 11 the author commented to someone he would never laugh again.

The author has experienced some difficulties in life, too, including the above scenarios.

If you've felt trapped, then how about looking at your life in 10 or 15 year intervals?

Did what seemed like a stuck feeling then keep going? (In some ways you might have, but you are still here). God was working then and he is still working.

It is said that if the Bible is hard to understand - and it can be - then think about the times you know deep down there must have been a God working and reflect on these. Ponder what you are familiar with, because parts of God will always be a mystery.

As the saying goes, after all you have been through, you are still here.

Many people are thankful for their meal on Thanksgiving, or their family or their health. These are true, but there might be more if you stop and think.

God has a plan for you and your life, regardless of where you are now.

Like the song says, you can't always get what you want. But, if you try sometime, you might find you get what you need.

Happy Thanksgiving Season To Everyone

Hopefully this post helped spur you to think about the larger meaning of life and your place in it. It is up to you to make changes.

I urge you to look beyond what you experience each day and subscribe to the blog for more perspectives.

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