Awareness brings Realization.

Realization causes an Awakening.

Awakening brings us into an Enlightened State of BE-ing.

In the Light we will find our Truth.

Then, we will Re-Member the Power Within Us.

You really do have the power to create whatever reality you wish to experience. This is such an empowering way to live. When you assume your rightful place as the driver of your spiritual vehicle, as the conductor behind the orchestra of your daily experience, and the consciousness behind your thoughts, life will begin to flow with grace and ease. Is this something you feel worthy of? Do you feel you deserve abundance, prosperity, and limitless wealth?

The questions you must first ask yourself are the following: Am I attracting what I want into my life or just attracting “by default?” Am I repeatedly bringing what I don’t want into my life due to unclear intentions? Remember this not-so-secret secret and your life will change in an instant: You can’t become rich if your thinking is poor.

We are not alive to be slaves to jobs we hate or to live in poverty. We are here to experience what is meant to be ours: abundance and prosperity. This is our birthright. This all begins with AWARENESS, and a willingness and commitment to direct our thoughts and our focus toward anything that makes us feel good. These are the keys to attracting all that we desire and moving above and beyond limiting, negative trends of the past. Choosing to feel good about who we are and where we are NOW is the quickest path to greater abundance. This involves recognizing and feeling gratitude for the blessings already in our lives.

Conventional wisdom would say that the less we give, the more we have. In actuality, the opposite is true. The more we give, the more we have. Abundance creates the ability to give and giving creates abundance. This principle is true in every area of our lives. The strong desire for inner and outer success, coupled with feeling deserving of unlimited riches is essential if we wish to catapult ourselves into millionaire consciousness. The millions that are yours by divine right will not begin to flow into your life until the power of your emotions come into alignment and resonates with abundance. Do not be modest with your intentions!


Imagine awakening up each day with the awareness that every seed you sow will absolutely come back to you as overwhelming abundance! As you harness the reality and power of true reciprocity, you will become motivated to serve others. This feeling of service will naturally and effortlessly magnetize wealth and abundance to you.

“The best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others.”

Mahatma Ghandi

Did you know that everything that has ever been created by man was first a mental image? This includes all the buildings, transportation, clothing, ornaments such as jewelry and home decorations, food processing and conserving, television and radio, airplanes and automobiles—all these things were first held as mental images and then released to the outer world through creative action. Everything begins with a thought. Experience is secondary.

You can absolutely predict your future by creating in within your mind first. The future is created by your present thoughts. Your mind can turn your thoughts into the shimmering gold of authentic soul success by acting as a magnetic energizer drawing into your life all the opportunities and experiences that will manifest your intentions into reality. Your positive intentions help align your conscious and subconscious minds, forming an unbeatable team that can and will create the life you feel you deserve.

You can program your mind each day with emotions, thoughts, and visions that will act upon your subconscious mind and drive you to do the things that make you authentically successful and soul-fully rich! Enjoy what you want in your imagination first. That is the birthplace of all creation. Once you’ve made it inwardly, you immediately attract all the elements you need to create and manifest your deepest desires.

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