I know for a fact that I don’t feel good when I have a bladder infection. My grandmother always told my mother to drink plenty of cranberry juice to alleviate or to eliminate a bladder infection. According to my mother, her bladder infection would go away after consuming a pint of the stuff! The first bladder infection she had was after getting her first flu shot in her early twenties. Since that time, she had one more shot and the same thing occurred. So, for her no more flu vaccines, unless she wants to deal with a urinary tract infection.

Now, I’ve heard recently that drinking cranberry juice does not get rid of one’s bladder infection and that’s it’s all a myth. In actuality, that myth could be wrong! Some medical doctors state there is an active ingredient in cranberries that can prevent adherence of bacteria, while others state there is not enough of this active ingredient to prevent bacteria from sticking to the urinary tract. So, I guess one could say it’s a matter of opinion that prompted a research team to investigate the possibility that cranberries could help fight bacteria.
It’s obvious that the global spread of antibiotic resistance is undermining the progress in fighting bacterial infections and that our world is on the cusp of returning to a pre-antibiotic era when minor infections can once again become deadly. Therefore, it’s crucial to find a way to improve the effectiveness of currently available antibiotics.

Amazing as this may sound, a new study published in the journal Advanced Science provides evidence that cranberries could help in the fight against bacteria. When treated with molecules derived from cranberries, pathogenic bacteria become more sensitive to lower doses of antibiotics. Shockingly, the bacteria doesn’t develop resistance to the antibiotics.

This research started with a popular belief that drinking cranberry juice is helpful against urinary tract infections and the researchers wanted to know if this popular berry’s molecular properties could treat various bacteria. The bacteria selected for this study were those responsible for urinary tract infections, pneumonia, and gastroenteritis.

Researchers treated the bacteria with an antibiotic and the cranberry extract and were shocked that no resistance developed. Their analyses showed that the cranberry extract increases bacterial sensitivity to antibiotics by acting in two ways. First, it makes the bacterial cell wall more permeable to the antibiotic and second, it interferes with the mechanism used by the bacteria to pump out the antibiotic. As such, the antibiotic penetrates more easily, and the bacteria have a harder time getting rid of it, which explains the drug is effective at lower doses.

Naturally, more research needs to be done to understand more about what works and doesn’t work when it comes to using antibiotics with a cranberry extract.

On a personal perspective, my mother no longer drinks cranberry juice when she feels the onset of a bladder infection, instead she sips on apple cider vinegar. She mixes one tablespoon of apple cider vinegar with water and drinks it every hour, until she feels the onset has disappeared. Usually, she will drink this concoction for an entire day and feel much better in the morning. Since apple cider vinegar is become more popular for various ailments, my next article(s) will be about this amazing product.

Cranberries: A Sauce for All Seasons
Have you ever eating fresh cranberries or drink their juice? Apart from their delicious tangy taste, cranberries are jammed full with protective chemicals that can keep you healthy all year. Cranberries are widely known helping to fight a urinary tract infection. This small fruit, might be small but harbors bacteria-fighting weapons called proanthocyanidins. These condensed tannins have been shown to keep the bacteria that cause urinary tract infections (UTIs) from sticking around, even in people who have strains that resist standard antibiotics. If one is experiencing a UTI, it is recommended to drink 2 cups of unsweetened cranberry juice every hour at the first hint of burning or pop one 400 milligram capsule of cranberry extract four times a day. There are a number of companies that sell cranberry extract, such as 21st Century, Dr. Mercola, Doctor’s Best, Natrol, and Life Extension, just to name a few found at http://www.iherb.com. Use this coupon code, BER298, to save money during checkout. As I have stated before, iherb.com is a discount warehouse that provides natural health care products at a discount along with offering low cost or FREE shipping.

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