“Success is not to be pursued; it is to be attracted by the person you become.”— Jim Rohn

Our lives are driven by our habitual behaviors and we do this unconsciously.

Our circumstances be it finances, health, weight, relationships, happiness and luck is a pattern of recurring events caused by the neural pathways in our brains. Science shows that to change or improve our lives we must change these neural patterns and there is a foremost way to do this, Reading… Books, through evidential scientific research, physiologically grow new neural pathways within the cells of our remarkable organ, the brain. Books expand, sprout and grow the neural pathways from the dendrites housed within our brain. 95% of our everyday experiences are controlled by these pathways. This gives us 5% to alter our experiences, choose the book and the outcomes we desire.

Whether it be health, weight, finances, relationships, happiness or luck, choose your book to match your desire. Audio books have the same affect, however, reading it yourself has a faster impact on the dendrites.

Anyone CAN succeed in what life has to offer. Choose your desire, Read, listen to audios… Abundance and Prosperity is waiting for you.

“Choose your words carefully. Choose what you read carefully for it will become a physical mark upon you and aid in creating your persona and experiences.”

Each of us has a desire to discover the great secrets of success, to experience contentment, improve our self-image, build on our social skills and to find the path to personal fulfillment. Just what are the secrets to these that will allow us to succeed and enjoy life?

Leaders are readers!

Lead your own life, reach for the way to have what you desire. Transform your life, your wealth, happiness, health, success, motivation, inspiration, weight, spirituality, relationships and more.

“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” ~ Aristotle

Author's Bio: 

Termina Ashton a Transformational Leader, Speaker and Author uses her exponent knowledge of Energy, Quantum physics, the Law of Attraction, and ancient Wisdom including Introspection and Feng Shui to support individuals and organizations by increasing their success in financial situations, relationships, health or inspiration.

Termina also known as 'The Happy Magnet' has the uncanny ability to tilt the odds so the best will happen believes in navigating the changing world of experiences. As a Expansion Mentor, author and interior designer, her qualifications include design, architectural drafting, medicine and as a life coach. Termina loves to use her imagination and has gained the title ‘Master of Imagination’, she has used her skills to work on many residential and commercial projects, including an open design radio station, Fox Studios and a variety of set designs, where her own artwork was exhibited for TV and film.

Termina’s love of writing, helping others and bringing joy to them, inspired her to begin penning books and articles and she now lists self-help- human potential, children’s stories and Feng Shui among her titles. Her writing skills, particularly in the children’s literature genre, have seen her described as the Australian Enid Blyton.

Born in Melbourne, Australia she now resides with her family in Queensland where she lives a lifestyle of fun, joy and opportunities.

Termina Ashton was a successful architectural designer and draftsperson in Australia before shifting her focus to the Personal development/expansion and Human Potential.

Termina believes creativity is the source of advantage, and everybody has the good fortune of this ability. She joyfully adapts to and thrives in our fluctuating environments, transforming the unexpected into stepping stones for achievements and consistently innovates to create value. Termina has worked with many great minds including Bob Proctor, Peggy McColl and through many books, adds that seeking knowledge, self-improvement and possibilities through mentors and books is the greatest gift to ourselves. Termina credits self-actualization practices for her success and harmony in her life and her book, Festival of the Imagination, is one of her many non-fiction titles which explores this all-important subject.

Visit her at http://www.terminaashton.com/