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Today is a beautiful new day. Have you accepted it as such? Did you know that the way that you choose to approach each day paves the way for manifesting your expectations? I want to inspire you to tap into the unlimited abundance that is all around you. Do you recognize the power of this message? Do you realize that you are reading more than just words on a page? Do you realize that there are no coincidences? There are only divinely inspired synchronicities at work.

Even thought I personally know the power of creating my own reality by paving its way with conscious intentions and the allowance of success and joy, I always encourage you to only accept and apply the ideas and suggestions that ring true for YOU. Even if you only take away one significant piece of information from this message, that is perfect. That is a success! I want to remind you that any information must be taken further than a mere mental concept for it to make a difference in your life. For any information to be effective, you must commit to applying it and making it real in your experience. It can then be used an action step for creating success. Knowledge in this form becomes wisdom.

The subjects of abundance, wealth, and money are hot topics not only today, but every day. The reality is that wealth is far more than money. Money is simply energy. The true meaning of abundance goes far beyond the accumulation of “things.” Feeling abundant means having a sense of fulfillment with whatever your current circumstances are. Don’t get me wrong, money can absolutely be a part of having abundance! The beautiful truth is that as you become more comfortable and skilled at the art of manifestation, and establishing a clear sense of worthiness, you will begin to consciously choose what you want to create for yourself and then naturally draw it into your life. You can actually learn to master money instead having money master and control YOU. Through this process, you will learn to recognize when to allow certain situations, objects, and individuals to leave your life peacefully when they no longer serve you, creating room for those things that WILL serve you. In this way, there will be a natural flow of money, individuals, and “things” into and out of your life. Each will productively and purposefully benefit your spiritual growth and will appear at precisely the right time, in perfect, divine ways.

When you begin to follow your life’s purpose and honor yourself as well as those around you, money and abundance will naturally and easily flow into your life. It will come in larger amounts, it will give you more joy, and it will be easier to accept and share with others. When you cooperate instead of compete and allow every energetic and money exchange to be a positive, win-win situation for everyone involved, you will increase the flow of money into your life. You will be making choices consciously and responding to others with clarity, integrity, joy, harmony, and trust– knowing that everything is happening for your highest good. Developing this style of living can be challenging if you were raised to believe that you didn’t deserve abundance or that wealth was only reserved for others. The wonderful reality is that you can make a deliberate decision to create new ways of viewing the concepts of abundance, prosperity, and wealth. In doing so, you will be offering yourself one of the most precious gifts in life – the unlimited opportunity to create your own personal economic environment of prosperity that isn’t affected or dependent upon outside forces, the economy, or human-made conditions!

If you are willing to act upon your inner guidance, money will come from trusting and attuning to your own spiritual wisdom, serving others with an open heart, and maintaining an attitude of gratitude. This may sound far-fetched and overly simplistic, yet your commitment to spiritual growth will absolutely increase your ability to manifest abundance. Your ability to manifest will assist you in attracting opportunities to get your spiritual work out into the world! It’s important to create new thoughts regarding money if your previous thoughts were limiting or negative. Money is a powerful force. The way that you earn money and accumulate it, as well as spend it, determines whether money is a positive or limiting force in your life.

The universal supply is absolutely infinite. Until you believe that and accept that as your personal truth, you won’t experience it! Aren’t you ready?You can begin right NOW to attract abundance by setting your personal intention to become more powerfully magnetic to money and abundance. You do this with your mind-set, your expectations, your attitudes, and your beliefs. As you set your intention, you will naturally set in motion a chain of events that will beautifully unfold. You will notice new people and opportunities flowing into your life. The key is being aware so you don’t miss these powerful chances to create and experience the prosperity, joy, and wealth you deserve!

By embracing your full capacity to be a creative force, and by setting the intention to become ABUNDANT in all areas of your life, you will make it a reality for yourself. It will begin as an inner reality, and then it will manifest in your external world. Let go of all thoughts that you are missing or lacking something in your life. Focus on maintaining an attitude of gratitude for all the blessings that are already in existence and that surround you each and every day. Open your heart right now and allow all the gifts that are awaiting your recognition to be acknowledged and received! Be flexible, open, and willing to embrace new opportunities.

Make this the most beautiful time of your life and claim the abundance and prosperity that you so richly deserve! This is your birthright. Allow it. Embrace it. Feel it. Experience it…..It can be yours as soon as you allow it to be yours.

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