When I was speaking to Ben Ralston a number of weeks ago, he mentioned something that really made me think. Ben is a therapist and trainer of therapists, healer, advanced Sivananda Yoga teacher, and writer.

We were talking about the self-image and he ended up touching upon a book that he had been reading. I can’t remember what this book was called, but I can remember why he mentioned it.

A Powerful Sentence

He said that there is a part in this book where the author says that we don’t come through the world, the world comes through us. If this was not what he said, it was something very similar.

I thought that this was a radically different way of looking at life; a way that was very empowering. What also crossed my mind was that this was not simply a way of looking at life, it was the truth.

A Hopeless Place

With that aside, someone is likely to feel strong and capable if they believe that they have an effect on their reality. As a result of this, it will be a lot easier for them to fulfil their needs.

If, on the other hand, they don’t believe this, they are unlikely to live a life that is very fulfilling. It will be as though they are just an observer of their life, which will make it incredibly difficult for them to change anything.

A Different World

What this shows is how powerful beliefs are, and how these shape the experience that someone has on this planet. It has been said that if someone wants to find out what they believe, they only need to look at their life.

One is then not just observing what is taking place externally; they are playing an active role in how they experience life. Even so, if someone’s life is not going as they would like it to go, it can be hard for them to come to terms with this.


Their mind can end up rejecting this, believing that this is not something that has any basis in reality. Therefore, in order for them to change their reality, they will need to detach from their mind and to focus on the fact that they do have an effect on their life.

If they are able to do this, they will be able to gradually change how they experience life. The pain and discomfort that they go through in the short-term will be outweighed by what they will be able to achieve by changing what they believe.

Final Thoughts

Going from someone who feels powerless to someone who feels powerful is unlikely to happen overnight, and this is why it will take patience and persistence. What can also make a big difference is the assistance of a therapist or a healer, for instance.

The reason for this is that if someone feels completely powerless, they could be carrying a fair amount of trauma. External support may then be necessary as this will allow them to go where they wouldn’t go by themselves.

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