Picture this...
Your true love spent all day planning this romantic surprise. Candlelight, three roses in a dainty vase, soft music in the backgrounds, two plates side-by side, favorite foods ready to serve... and soft, sensual satin sheets ready for later. Romance pulsates through the air

A car pulls up, door opens and closes.
Your soul-mate listens with bated breath as your footsteps approach, growing louder – or is it that loving heart beating?

You enter. Your lover's face lights up. You behold the sensual being before you in all that wonderful glory...

... and you groan: "Oh nooo! Not tonight!"

Dear Genital Herpes Patient,

Do you crave release from this nasty virus? You know, the one nobody likes to think about?
Are you constantly worrying about when you'll get the next outbreak?
Would you love to stop popping those anti-viral pills that only half-work anyhow?
Do you dread living like this for the rest of your life?
Genital herpes affects more than your sex life; it damages your self-image. After all, how can you feel good about who you are when this nasty little alien inhabits your body?

What if I told you there is a way to STOP those herpes outbreaks?

Just about every doctor tells you, in so many words, "So cope." Swallow drugs the rest of your life and maybe your flare-ups will be few and far between.

Or not.

Well, I'm not "most doctors".
I have created and refined a treatment program* that not only controls that vicious alien – but forces it into permanent remission. That means that although that genital herpes virus may not completely vacate the premises... it'll sure stop doing its thing!
No more surprise flare-ups.
No more avoiding the most loving and intimate of actions.
No more contaminating your partner with this Herpes virus.
No more pain.
No more wasting money on drugs and doctor visits to try and control this tiny monster.


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