You have probably experienced the physical and mental aspects of a panic attack before. If you have ever done anything that was new to you, or exciting it is very likely that you have experienced some form of panic and/or anxiety as most people do from time to time in their lives.

That's not really the problem though, because this is a type of worrying that happens to us all. When that worry becomes something that we change our lives for, and it becomes very consuming of our daily routine, then it is more like anxiety.

Let's say you were alone in a big city walking down the street. You may become anxious because of your surroundings, but you would be able to use this anxiety to keep you safe. You would be more alert to any approaching danger, and therefore you would be more ready to handle it or to run away if you needed to. A situation like this is when having a bit of anxiety is actually a big help to you.

If that anxiety never left you though, and it started to interfere with the way you are trying to live your life is when it becomes a real problem for most people. The problem with any anxiety disorder is when things that create a normal amount of anxiety for some people start to create much more for you. You begin to think that you cannot function at all due to increased anxious feelings.

Maybe you start feeling some of the more obvious physical aspects of anxiety like sweating uncontrollably or trouble sleeping. One thing about anxiety that is so hard for most people is how it can mimic other problems that you fear are happening to you.

Many people get short of breath and their heart starts to beat really fast. This makes you think that something else is wrong, which usually just makes you freak out even more, which makes your heart beat even faster.

No matter what the symptoms are, you are simply having an anxiety attack. They are known to happen to people at the most undesirable times, and they can last for a while sometimes. The worst part of anxiety attacks for most people is that they happen without warning, often times when the person is otherwise having a normal day.

A day with anxiety is anything but normal for the millions of people who have to live with an anxiety and panic disorder though. While there are tools available to help get rid of anxiety naturally and without medication, they only work if you are open to the idea of stomping out your anxiety forever.

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