You have choice today to succeed or fail. Success is solely a personal decision and that no one can take that away from you.

Do everything in your power to convince yourself what you want in life is worth sacrificing your mind to.

You have the freedom in today’s world to live a miserable life or a happy life; no one can take that way from you. Today you decide if you start your project to success or leave it for tomorrow. But you, you are the one that will have to pay the consequences and face the results because you have the freedom to choose.

You choose to take a break from your dream or you keep going. No one in the world can make that decision but you. If you decide to fail in life it’s because you decided; if you decided to have a great life its because you decided. You are the one that decides the type of life you want for you, no one else can make that choice for you.

Make New Choices

You’re pursuing your dreams and goals because you make new choices in your life. You need to start making new decisions in life because the old decisions you have made in life are not successful. Something inside of you has to wake up and in a way make you feel alive: in other words your decisions must make you feel alive!

When you have made a great choice to become successful today you’re going to be successful.

One because you believe that the choice you made is the right one. Believe in your firm decision that you will succeed and there is no one else in the world to change that decision for you. Do not let anyone change your mind despite the odds. Your decision must be locked in your mind and the key put away secretly.

Not even you should know where that key is, because if you know where that key of doubt is, it will open up your safe and make you believe that the choice you made to change today is wrong.


You must decide to change today. You decided to change your life today it’s going to be the best decision you have made in your life.

It should make you feel alive. You must convince yourself that the circumstances in life are not your obstacles. It’s not the environment that makes you but you, can you get that in your mind? Stop complaining that the life you have is because of the circumstances you are living, that is not true.

New Life Starts Today

Most of you have made the choice of being successful and most of you have made the choice to drink, to fail, to curse to etc. It’s the choices you have made in life that is taking you places.

Make a decision today to start a new life without blaming the world for it. Deciding to live a better life is also an option available for you.

Choices in life will make us stronger or make us weak. We are the ones that decide we are going to be successful. Others do not decide that for you. Become someone of greatness by making new better decisions in life. I hope you make the right choice of inspiring others and telling your success story to someone some day.

Author's Bio: 

Ricardo Ortiz is a blogger, entrepreneur and personal development therapist. He holds a bachelors in clinical psychology and masters in family therapy.