Those who choose ignorance, in actuality, willingly choose unawareness. What you are unaware of is outside of your power of influence. Ignorance, therefore is bliss, BUT only for those who keep you ignorant (=unaware), not for you.

Below is a widely accepted and applied across the entire planet process of making people ignorant, i.e., unaware of their own entrapment or psychological enslavement which makes any other enslavement possible. Without further ado here is how it is done.

Our coming and following it presence in society can be likened to what happens during a movie production.

Let’s quickly recap what happens as a movie is being made. A real person agrees to be an actor (=a fake character that doesn’t exist outside the film story). He is then repeatedly told what to do, what to say, who to be, where to go and so on. The scripts have already been designed for him, and by someone else. The actor can not have a say that is outside the content of the given script, and as the film is being produced, the actor learns the scripts, repeats them multiple times, he does his best to make the fake character appear real, and the fake story be seen as a piece of reality (with a certain highlighted theme). But we all know that the story he animates is fake. It has never happened, it however appears as if it did.

When we enter this world, we are immediately given a set of scripts (beliefs, points of view, perceptual boundaries, goals, opinions, behavioural models and thinking patterns) that we must accept and within which we are expected to function. We are also given or labeled with “a character”- by our family members, significant others, classmates, neighbours, teachers, and authorities (once you identify with this label, you are it). And then, finally, we are given the officially allowed collective and individual “version of reality to animate, support, and make real” (-individual and collective "life scenario") that basically defines for each of us what we are allowed and expected to see as possible and what we must agree to accept as impossible for us - personally and collectively.

And all that fabricated stuff has nothing to do with who we are as an Essence and as a Being outside the given and accepted label (=prescribed social role).

The only difference between you entering the "social movie" as a “character”, and the person who enters a movie production area as an actor, is that you never give yourself a chance to leave the fake scenario and all assigned to your character (label) roles and sub-stories that you are animating. You never give yourself a chance to get back to your true self and your true life – to a story free unpredictability children are still familiar with.

In fact, when kids play a game and animate its characters and its scenario, they always remain aware that they are in the game, a part of the game, but really are not the game, in fact, they are outside of the game. Kids are always aware that they can step out of the game, change the course of the game and finish the game whenever they please. Children are never prisoners of their games. Adults are. When they stand in a queue in a bank, choose their occupation, follow the common, suggested by society, family, race, religion, you name it, paradigms and scenarios, adults are prisoners of those games. People are not just bored, in pain, miserable or victims in their life or somebody else’s life, it is really worse than that. They are invisibly controlled by the expectations of the grand social game, the producers of which are now dictating individual movie scripts inside everybody’s head making sure that everybody believes that it is they, not the game talking into their ear!

Just recognise the trick. And step out of the movie scripts, out of the assigned fake character that everybody (including you) now believes is you, and then step out of the entire movie. Why? That’ll be extremely liberating and eye opening. And also heart opening, as you will feel much more alive right away.

Before the social game started, you had a pure, alive awareness of the possibilities. And that felt great, because it was the truth.

We are here or anywhere in Creation not to play anybody’s games (no matter how big or small these games are), but to be aware of the infinite possibilities of Creation. And once you are aware of them, you can create something worthy through the abundance of these possibilities. And that’s the initial, joyful and organic attitude to reality we all have when we arrive here. We are open and enthusiastic to discover what are the existing possibilities of this reality that we can engage with while applying our unique talents, preferences, and visions. Then most of us get downloaded into a society and caught into its multiple games. The original authenticity gets replaced with multiple pretenses making everybody less than alive.

It starts with a kindergarten and a primary school that give you practical ideas on how to limit yourself in many ways. By the end of your high school you already got a good training on how to stay limited no matter what. Corporations take this training on a whole new level, and by that time you are caught by the game completely. Step out of it. End all these games before they ended you. If you are not playing the game, the game won’t be able to play you. Period. It is that simple. If in doubt, consult a kid.

The current social structure wants you to, and makes you exist and function exclusively within and from its manufactured games (stories). Then you are predictable and manipulatable. It may be your cultural set of stories, your national story, your family story, your personal drama story, your religion story, your country story, and… wherever you go, you will go with your story. And what literally shocks everybody the most is… wherever you go you will meet your story! As long as you function within and from it. It usually takes a process of repetitive identification with the story to make this phenomenon happen. If that is your case, un-identify and enjoy the freedom of being real.

Others, who may still be perceiving and interpreting everything they see through and from their personal and collective story they agreed to animate, may request that you give them a label of yourself that already exists within the context of their personal and collective story. Enjoy the show if you are interested.

While the entire organic Creation is naturally governed by life affirming and life expanding principles, any synthetic game is run by limiting and rigid rules that are always enforced, and that limit and disallow any kind of expansion, growth and evolution of the players.

An example of the rules of e.g. "educational institutions game" would be: listen, memorize, repeat; the more accurately you repeat, the better looking label you will get; such label will mean that you are important; you are now and only now allowed to feel important! Subscribe to this rule right now and once you have acquired such label and felt important, accept that you are still not enough, and… go chase another label like this; when you get it, you will be allowed to feel important again. Repeat the whole process and collect as many labels as you can; you are not allowed to feel important without these labels; you must subscribe to this rule too; by subscribing to these rules you make it possible for the game to be continuously played and aggressively marketed to a great number of prospective participants.

And here is an interesting and popular, usually unrecognised, yet truly worthy of noticing conflict many have faced. When your school, community, class teacher or one of your parents were accusing you of not catching up with the labels and expectations of one of those games you were playing with them, they were really… not catching up with your uniqueness, creativity, talents, fun-loving and easy going nature, and with your ability to effortlessly see the core of all things without learning much about them. In which case, whose problem was that really?

The truth that was meanwhile kept hidden from you is the following. Your or anybody else's uniqueness and thinking big, fast, smart or creative is a deadly threat to the limited game. So, whenever you pose that "threat", the game will issue you a discouraging label through its supporting members ("The Discouraging Committee"). And while the game is threatened to loose your life support, it will trick you into believing that it is you who should feel threatened, and if you respond to the carrot and stick device at all (via any of its personalised models), the game will strive to get you back into itself as soon as possible.

The social game based on illusion in its entirety is set up in such a way that each player will strive to meet the expectations of the game within the limitation of his/her own character, and under no conditions, whatsoever, you are allowed or expected to strive to discover the immense (if not unlimited) creative power of you. The game will keep you unaware of this power as long and as much as possible, blocking and restricting your every move towards this liberating awareness. That way you’ll keep the game running while allowing the game to convince you that it’s the only and your only reality.

You movie mates, who are on a game mission to stay unaware and limited, and to keep everybody else just as limited, no matter what, will tell you the popular “This is the way life has always been”. Right, so far, and as long as I am subscribed to this specific way of continuously re-imagining life as being “this way only”. How about I refuse to recycle “this way of life to be” in my personal reality? The truth is, there are multiple if not unlimited ways available for life to be, and it is REALLY up to me to decide which way my life and reality will unfold from now on.

Just give yourself a liberty to stop being a repeater. Why? It sucks. Recognise the pattern, step out of it, and for the love of life, let your innate nature and essence to re-emerge, because by the Source’s design you are a creator. You may have been conditioned to be a repeater, but it is up to you to stop it through the act of recognition. Instead of recycling your own or your family members history, you can as well choose to live your mystery, which can not be recycled, repeated, or hijacked. This is a true freedom of Being. Powered and supported by the Divine. This is also the way out of any prison of perception you may be in.

Author's Bio: 

Andriana received her formal training in the field of Psychology and holds two University Degrees in Psychotherapy and Counseling, which includes practical training in various modalities and Psychotherapeutic approaches used in modern Psychotherapy.

Her main life and professional activity has always been focused on Consciousness, Human Potential, Personal Development, Evolution, and how one's mind, and different levels of Consciousness manifest corresponding nature of reality.

She is also gifted in the area of Arts and has a talent for uniting concrete, linear, fragmented, and logical with expanded, creative, and seemingly illogical, a big picture where all connections exist and function at the same time.