You Hold the Key To Your Future

You’ve heard that the past is not your future. You’ve also heard that you hold the key to your future. “How can that be?” you ask. “When I’m not even sure about the present.”
To that I say, do something different. Change the way you see, feel, and think about where you are now.
If you think the same thoughts you’ve always thought, see life in the same way, and feel that nothing will change, you’ve predicted your future; and it’s an outcome you don’t want.
Let’s look at some basic ideas that will help you move toward the life you want.
1. Get Clear About What You Don’t Want.
This could be as simple as knowing that you don’t want to struggle. If you are not happy with your work, acknowledge that too.
It’s good to move these ideas out of your head and put them in writing or on an electronic device. You don’t need to house uninspiring thoughts.

2. Get Clear About What You Do Want
How would you want your life to look like? What are the activities that you want to include?. Where would you live if you could? What hobbies would you expand or take up? Put this in writing too. Place it where only you will see it. Don’t worry as to how these desires will come to fruition. Just focus on the end result.
Do you believe it’s possible for you to have what you want? If not, change your belief for it’s only holding you back. It’s not your friend.
Ask yourself, “In order to express the successful person that I am, at my core, what do I need to believe?” Make a list of the beliefs and look at them often.

3. Meditate, Affirm or Pray
Meditation does not have to be a long boring task. If you have 5 or 10 minutes you can meditate. It’s about listening within for answers.
If you ask and neglect to listen, you can’t blame the Universe for ‘missed’ opportunities. Of course there are no missed opportunities. Eventually you’ll catch up but the question is, “How long do you want to defer it?” That’s up to you.

4. Take Appropriate Action- This could be as simple as maintaining an organized workspace. It could also mean that you’ll be directed to contact someone who can be a help to you.
While you are attracting a goal, remember to create a vision board. The vision board will have images of your key ideas and aspirations.
As you intentionally take part in your present, you are creating the future you want.

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