No matter how near or how far; you inspire me. No matter how rich or how poor you are; you inspire me. No matter what language you speak; you inspire me. No matter the color of your skin; you inspire me.

No matter if you have new clothes or if they’re worn thin; you inspire me. No matter if your days are full of laughter or full of tears; you inspire me. No matter if you run to the finish line or you can’t walk at all; you inspire me.

You can be broke and feel no hope; you still inspire me! No matter if you do good or do wrong; you still inspire me. No matter if you have faith or not; you still inspire me. No matter if you are weak or strong; you still inspire me.

I learn by mistakes, both my own and by yours. You are an example to me. Your attitude will either inspire me to be like you or not to be like you. If I see bad, you inspire me to do good. If I see injustice, you inspire me to bring forth justice. If I see a loss of hope, you inspire me to bring forth hope. If you lack trust, faith or love; you inspire me to show you.

You have truly taught me what success means; it is much more than a dollar sign. You inspire me to move mountains. You have taught me that all beings are blessings. You have taught me that with each struggle is an underlying lesson to be learned. You have inspired me with all you say and with all that you do; we have just this one moment in time to inspire another.

Whether you breathe easy or struggle with your last breath, you inspire me. You inspire me with you loving acts of kindness, your generosity and your love for your fellow man. You inspire greatness in others, so thank you. Your kind soul inspires me.

You have taught me how to give when you have nothing left to give. You have helped others when you have needed help yourself. You have shown me strength by standing up, while others would have remained knocked down. With your burdens strapped on your back your smile carried you on. Your tireless strength has taught so many others. You have taught others that a kind word and a hug can go further than any amount of money can go in this lifetime. Thank you for inspiring me.

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