If you just saw your ex girlfriend with someone else then you must feel pretty bad right now. This becomes worse if you actually want her back in your life. Does this mean that she is now happier and you can't undo the break up? Not necessarily. The thing is that rebound relationships rarely last. Why do you think this is? The thing is that your girlfriend hadn't had enough time yet to get over the break up. Hence, she still has some stock emotion that she hasn't analyzed yet. She's just trying to forget using the new relationship. Soon enough, she will have to deal with those emotions. Once that happens, the new relationship will be exposed to terrible pressure. So you don't have to drive yourself crazy over your ex girlfriend with someone else. You may even say that it's normal.

Women don't always want a breathing time and tend to jump from one relationship to the next. What you should do is act normal with the new guy. Remember that he isn't the villain of the piece. Instead, you should show support if you see your ex girlfriend with someone else. It's unlikely that you and your ex will be back together if you show any hint of rudeness to the current guy.

So if you're not supposed to do that when you see your ex girlfriend with someone else then what can you do?

Take on the roll of the supportive guy friend. At the same time, you can also concentrate on other aspects of your life. You could try doing something new for your life like learning a new sport or even shedding of the excess pounds. This will not only help your self esteem but stop you from wallowing on your ex girlfriend. This will work out for you as your girlfriend will see you as an improvement.

Your confidence combined with her issues about the recent break up will slowly bring her back to you. Try to enjoy those times when you flirt and date again. Hence, you shouldn't be worried if you see your ex girlfriend with someone else. This doesn't mean that you've lost her forever. Just let the relationship on the rebound decline naturally as you sit back and relax. She will slowly want you back again once you developed yourself into the best guy possible.

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