Why do you do this?

You hold on tightly to a life you do not want.

You see opportunity for change but you just keep hanging on to your ‘half-life’

Trying to protect yourself from failure

But you are already living that! Yes, honey, you already failed!

There you are trying to protect yourself from… what?!

The life you are already living?!!!!

How very silly of you!

You want more money but instead of planting seeds to make more money, you hold on tightly to the little you have and watch it get less and less and less…

You want to impact more people but instead of putting yourself out into the marketplace, you hide away more and more and more and no one knows you exist…

And so you become less and less and less…

And finally you will die, having never really lived…

Because you are scared.

Scared to play full out!

Scared to trust the power inside of you!

Scared to die to your old self so that the new you can be born again!

And I see you! I KNOW you are powerful! and it hurts my heart ot watch you play this game with your life!

And yet, you hold on tight to your sad sorry experience of life and well, you get to keep it and then you die.

Life is over and you never quite woke up to live!

You told yourself tomorrow…

You denied the intuitive call in your heart to move…

You pretended to not know what to do next becuase you were afraid and had got so used to listening to the inner critic telling you that you are not worth much.

OK, well, you kept it!

You kept your sad sorry failure ‘half-life’

I hope you are happy with it!

Happy with knowing that you could be more but that you keep choosing to be less…

Happy with knowing you could be powerful but you keep pretending to be weak…

Happy to keep your pennies when you could make millions…

Happy to be a wimp instead of a lion…

Are you happy?!!!!
“OH WOW ROSEMARY, you are being very negative this morning…”

Yep, because all the sweet talk in the world does not seem to be working to shift you so well, please leave my community. I no longer want you here.

I am looking for action takers

For people who know they are born for more

For people who refuse to let their current circumstances determine their life…

For the purpose-driven who want their story to actually count for something…

They want to use their skills, experiences, history to change lives and make a difference on the world…

People who are done with hiding behind their fear

PEOPLE WHO RUN TOWARDS FEAR YELLING LIKE A CRAZY PERSON – Fear itself gets scared and runs away when it sees my people coming!

What?!, you think you are the only one that feels afraid?!

You think you are the only one that wants to hide away sometimes…

You think you are the only one who has been through hard times!

You think you are the only one that wants everyone to like them!

For fucks sake, take your lame ass excuses to some personal development/spiritual Facebook page where you can deceive yourself with sweet platitudes…


My clients (The 334k) take action, despite fear!

My clients are committed to changing the world and they are not ashamed to say it!

They know they are destined for greatness – It is a done deal in their mind and so when they invest money in getting support, they do it from a place of KNOWING they will do what it takes!

They are not pretenders that waste my time and then choose fear, instead of action.

Yep, I am talking to you!

Leave my community and please never come back.

I thought you were cool, I even thought you were like me but now, I see that we are in no way alike and that you will always let fear win.



Yep, the veil is off and I am done with baby-ing you…


Let fear consume you! It seems to be what you want!

It seems you are committed to failure and living in the past and I don’t have time for that nonsense any longer.


I am on a mission and I am looking for those who are done with their sad sorry lame-ass, fucking excuses!

I have a vision of a changed world and I KNOW I am a key part of that changed world…

And so are you, if you are one of my peeps!

And yes, I feel scared when I have to sacrifice EVERYTHING To bring the vision to life but I DO IT ANYWAY!



And I am looking for those who are all in, as well.

Because you need me.

It is that simple.

You have blind spots and you are attached to a silly life that you do not even like but you think you have to maintain it because it is all you have ever known and so you feel limited in your ability to follow the call on your life.

Well, you can keep your sad, stifled life…

Or you can work with me and step into more in all areas – More wealth, more impact, more freedom, more travel, more of every good thing you desire…

This is not just about your business though I do want you to be mega rich… (How else are you going to build those wells, feed the hungry, heal the sick in other parts of the world?)

This is about every part of your life.

Getting it ALL sorted!

I know the personal development gurus and even my sweet former self would have told you that there is nothing wrong with you…

But lets be honest here, if there really was nothing wrong with you, you would be living the life you envisioned already and you ain’t and in fact you are nowhere close to it because of all your silly giving into fear and pretending to be what you are not… so face it, you need help.

And I have made a club for us, a place for the 334k…

People who want a bigger experience of life…

People committed to making a difference…

People committed to removing any mental blocks to success…

People committed to the ‘Because I want to’ lifestyle

People committed to a happier, more fulfilling life…

People committed to profitable, purpose-driven business…

The Deliberate Millionaire Fast Track Club!

Find out more at RosemaryNonnyKnight.com/dmfasttrack

And if you just want platitiudes – LEAVE! I really don’t want you here any longer.

Fight for, deliberately design the life you are born to live

Because you want to

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Rosemary Nonny Knight
used to be a pharmacist and then decided to do her own thing and gain freedom. She made it happen with real estate management and now shows others how to set up their own business and get those first few customers online

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