I have found network marketing to be more about personal development than it is about sharing a particular product. Building a business is a wonderful and endearing experience, but when beginning to build a business there are many mountains and valleys involved. For some people, the peaks and valleys prove to be too much to handle, but for myself and many others like me, life's difficulties only makes us stronger. The reason why is because I know who I am, why I am on this planet, and where I am going. This knowledge makes me strong and feeds into my life's purpose. Knowing who you are, why you are here, and where you are going will help you define your life's purpose. God created all of us to bring him glory and to help others while we are on this planet. When we are able to understand our own unique purpose, that is when we will finally find fulfillment and enjoyment in life.

Without the knowledge of knowing who we are, why we are here, and where we are going, it is easy to get stuck in ruts, become indecisive about your life's plan, and wander around aimlessly without clear direction of the path you should be on. People will often have the perception that they just need to get through the day when they don't have direction in their life. When you have a clear purpose of who you and what it is you are supposed to do, you will have vision. This will add tremendously to the fulfillment to your life and happiness. Things will suddenly fall into place. When you are living out your purpose, you will be accomplishing what you want, people and resources will naturally begin to gravitate to you. When you are in alignment with your life's purpose, all your actions fulfill you and others. People will suddenly be attracted to you because they will be able to see a shining force in you that they can learn from in order to find their life's purpose.

So, the goal is to find your life's purpose. So I am going to give you some tips on how you can do this. First, think about the last time you felt the most fulfillment in your life? Think about what you love to do, when was the last time you felt the most alive, and could you make a living at doing it? Now, seriously consider the ways you could bring in an income doing what you love.

Now let's do an exercise:

Get a piece of paper and list 2 unique personal qualities that you have. Next, list 2 ways you enjoy expressing those personal qualities when interacting with others. Now, ask yourself if everything was perfect, what would your world look like? What would it feel like? Combine your answers and make them into 1 statement. Read your statement everyday and post it in various places around you.

The point of this exercise is to open your mind up to possibilities and what your life's purpose could be. Understand that answering the questions in this article and doing the exercise is just the beginning, but they could help you learn what plans God has in store for you as you learn to embark on this road called life with purpose and direction.

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