Does this house look like a nice place to live in? Are those Kingston apartments for rent near Queens University ready for renting? How do I know that a rental house is a good value? These are some of the questions hundreds of eager tenants ask real estate agents on a daily basis.

The list of considerations to make before you rent an apartment in Kingston could easily rise to more than a dozen if you’re a very particular person. You’ll look at legal issues, safety issues, social amenities in the area like schools, the social class of the neighborhood, among other things. So what are the basic things to look for in a good house for rent?


What’s a beautiful house when the steps, handrail or flooring are a safety hazard? Moving into an apartment whose plumbing, heating or electrical elements are not up to date is calling for trouble. Whether the rent for the houses for rent in Kingston Ontario are affordable or on the higher end, ask for an inspection certificate from a certified contractor to ensure that everything is in good shape.


What will attract you to any house–whether you’re looking online or from advertisement pages on news papers–is the exterior and interior look. A good photo for a house for rent in downtown Kingston will have no items both on the inside and the outside. This will allow you to approximate if the house is spacious enough for you, and whether you love the design and layout. Sometimes the better the curb appeal of the house the more the rent, although this is not a standard.

Effort by the Landlord

Houses in downtown Kingston Ontario have varied price ranges depending on factors such as location, nearness to certain social amenities like schools and the competition in the area. University students are the target tenant for apartments near Queens University which largely reflects on the price for these houses. Look for a house within your budget, but make sure it offers a value for your money. Over improvements are unnecessary for a house to be worth your consideration, but a purposeful effort made by the landlord to upgrade the property speak volumes. Did the house get a fresh coat of paint after chaotic tenant vacated? Have the shrubs and bushes at the entrance been trimmed? Consider the little subtle thing the landlord has done to increase the curb appeal and make the apartment more comfortable.

Who Manages The House?

This is the most important consideration for rental houses, but that is largely ignored by most people. Houses managed by real estate companies come with their share of benefits as those managed by the owner. The biggest pro for a property management company being in charge is they will do regular maintenance, emergency repairs and property inspections. The biggest pro with having your landlord collect the rent from you is you can always ask for more time if the rent day comes when you’re in a sunken place financially. Looking for a house for rent in Kingston? Visit for vacant or almost-vacant apartments in the best neighborhoods in Kingston.

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