If you own a commercial building you may assume it is safe, particularly if no glaring security breaches have occurred. The truth is your building may not be as secure as you think. It is crucial to protect your clients and employees from all threats while at your place of business. Staffing your entry way with a security officer(s) can serve as a means of patrol and concierge, deterring criminals from engaging in criminal activity, such as burglary or vandalism. The presence of security guards can mediate dangerous and difficult situations, as well as act as a preventative measure against malicious acts.

Over the years, you may have become desensitized to the security needs of your organization and not even realize the need for security. The reality is there are usually several vulnerable areas that you may not even recognize. Be sure to understand the security needs of your business to keep everyone safe!

Don’t Overlook the Parking Lot

Statistically speaking, parking lots and garages are a hot spot for the occurrence of property crimes. It is common for vehicles to be stolen, broken into and robbed, and even acts of vandalism to occur to the parking area or vehicles parked there. Depending upon your business, employees and clients may be leaving during various hours of the evening or night and be at risk for other criminal activity while approaching their vehicle. Ensure the safety of your patrons and employees with quality security guards to patrol all parking areas.

Consider the Location

Buildings located in areas with high or rising crime statistics are at increased risk for criminal activity. Be sure to keep up to date with the crime statistics for your area and those around it. Take time to research the kinds of crimes that are most commonly perpetrated in your area. Depending upon these factors, you will be able to become aware of vulnerabilities in your business and the importance of hiring security guards to secure these problem areas.

Safety Related Security

In addition to the management and prevention of crime, security guards can also meet safety related security needs. Security guards can address emergency situations should they occur as they are trained in emergency response. They will be able to identify situations during patrol and call the appropriate authorities or EMS depending upon the situation.

Furthermore, security guards will be aware of all potential threats even those that pose safety or maintenance issues. Security guards will naturally be the first to come across an issue and can then address it before someone slips on ice or your entire building has flooded. The investment in security can actually save you money by reducing insurance claims for issues that a guard will easily identify before it becomes a bigger problem.

Prevent Burglary

An event of burglary can cost you money and may even put employees or clients in grave danger. Security guards can help prevent a burglary from occurring and help to protect your building and those inside if such an event does occur. Trained security guards will be able to identify any weak points and secure them to prevent future incidents from occurring.

If you have left your building in a vulnerable position, rectify this situation today! Contact a competent security company to ensure your business, patrons, and employees remain safe and secure!

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