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We have all heard of the importance of having the right attitude, staying positive, and looking at the brightside of things. This advice, for the great majority of us, is easier said than done. Why is that? We all want to do well, feel good, enjoy relationships, and experience the rewards of life well lived. How is it that we seem to have little time, more than our fair share of stress, and harbor regrets of what we could have done or should be doing with our lives?

It seems that the answer lies not in managing time and priorities as much as it does in managing our thoughts. Scientists estimate that we have 50,000 to 60,000 thoughts a day with over 90% the same as yesterday, and 77% or greater being negative. One can conclude that examining life through such a narrow filter is far from stimulating, much less an inspirational path to goal achievement.

Another way to look at this is through the moments of our life. We experience thousands of moments, lasting seconds, each day. As you look back at your life, you will recall special moments, not hours or entire days. Thus consider that both your daily thoughts and certain moments make-up the experiences of our lives. This perspective also applies to how we interpret present moments and the thoughts we hold regarding our future. What we capture, and hold our mental attention on, only will grow stronger and continue to show up in our life.

Not long ago, I had an incredible opportunity to participate in a small group discussion with Shimon Peres, who at the age of 85 is the President of Israel. Mr. Peres has served on a global stage for over 50 years and served a critical role in the formation of his country, and as a two time Prime Minister. He has lost far more elections than he has won, seen close friends killed in the Middle East, and has been awarded the Noble Peace Prize. Needless to say, he has had some fascinating and heart breaking moments in his life. As we sat down to speak he gave us the gift of intimacy, a trait of great leaders, despite daily security threats and in standing amongst his ‘Massad’ (Israeli CIA body guards). Of the many ways I could describe him during that session, he was ‘present’ and un-distracted.

The group asked many questions and started on the path of topics ranging from the Palestinians and the recent war with Lebanon to Syria and Iran. The question and response that came next is at the foundation of this particular article.

Given Mr. Peres amazing background, his quest for peace, his personal relationships with infamous world leaders, and his overall stature, I must admit I did not expect the answer that came. The exchange went something like this; “Mr. Peres, given your incredible life and in looking back upon it, what are you most proud of?” There was a pause, and what I’m sure was great expectations from my colleagues. He was thoughtful in his response saying; “Young man, what I am most proud of is that I seldom, if ever look back.” There was a notable silence in the room, and all of us were struck by his words. When the group broke, I had a moment to ask him about his comment. He looked me in the eyes and said; “Learn from your days and apply what you learn, but this time is all you have. If you live in the past you waste time.” With a gesture that emphasized his point, he said “This now moment is all you have - take time and think properly.”

With that and a few photos, he was gone.

I would describe this as a ‘defining moment’ in my life. While his talk was over an hour in length, his response to the group and my brief chat with him was a few minutes at best. In applying his message, it simply comes down to managing the type of thoughts that will lead to the meaningful moments of our life. Consider the data from above, and the volume of thoughts that run through our mind each day. Chances are very good that if you are not getting the results you would like, you are engaged in a thinking of process that is leading you to where you currently are or don’t want to be. A conscious and present moment awareness of where your thoughts are leading you will contribute to some of the most powerful and defining minutes of your life.

A commitment to yourself (in writing) on who you intend to be, what you intend to do, and the mark you intend to leave is a powerful catalyst to achieving your dreams. With that list in-hand, ask yourself what type of daily thoughts will take you a step closer to your magic moments and dreams.

Living in the present is a deliberate act and a choice. Many thoughts are habitual and like any habit, negative ones must be systematically removed from the mind. Tools such as: seminars, books, audio programs and a personal journal. Each of these can play a powerful role in installing the new and empowering thoughts that lead to fulfilling results.

Look at your life as three blocks: past, present and future. Ask yourself where you tend to build the biggest blocks. Many of us use present moments looking at the past and a smaller percent day dreaming about the future. As I share the message of how best to manage your thinking and moments, I don’t believe we want to lose the time of reflection, or the fun of mentally constructing our vision of the future...but in the words of Shimon Peres; “This now moment is all you have.”

Put another way, as reads the title of this article, ‘You Must Be Present To Win.’

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