In the Bible, a royal cupbearer by the name of Nehemiah was determined to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem. He secretly inspected the damaged walls at night and formed a plan for its restoration. Soon afterward, he announced his plans to the priests, nobles and officials. His plan was well received by the people and enthusiasm spread as work began.

Fearing that the city might be attacked, he and the others worked quickly. Nehemiah learned that an assault had been planned against Jerusalem so he redoubled the effort to complete the wall and stationed men at the weakest spots. Despite many obstacles, the wall was completed in fifty-two days, and the city was protected from its enemies.

Just like Nehemiah, you must build a wall to protect yourself from the enemy. Your enemy isn’t a physical warrior from another land. It is procrastination, fear, naysayers, negative associations and other adversities that try to stop you from achieving your Why in life. Your mastermind team will be the workers that help you design the wall and stand at the weak spots where the enemy typically tries to attack. They will believe in you and encourage you along the way. The bricks in your wall are made of faith, motivation, courage, belief and perseverance. You will work vigorously until your wall is completed, and no enemy can infiltrate your Why.

This all sounds great, but if you don’t strengthen your wall every day by immersing yourself in personal development, then cracks form in your walls. Weeds will begin to grow through the cracks and insects will enter as the cracks spread through the foundation. The negativity of the outside world will slowly seep in, and you will start doubting yourself and your ability to achieve your Why in life. It isn’t long before your wall becomes weakened by decay and succumbs to the enemy.

This is often the result when people hang out with negative friends, read gossip magazines instead of inspirational material and watch garbage television shows instead of feeding their minds with motivational messages. If you find yourself falling back into old habits and your wall begins to crumble, then it’s time for you to separate yourself from the madness and start secretly rebuilding your wall that protects your dream from the enemy.

The wall that protects my belief in who I am and my ability to achieve my Why in life is solid as the rock that Nehemiah used to build the wall of Jerusalem. The bricks of my wall are made of integrity and faith. I strengthen my wall every day by reading the Bible and immersing myself in motivational material. I refuse to allow the enemy to discourage me or weaken my wall of faith.

It’s time for your fourth challenge. Take your time with this one and don’t move forward with the reading until this challenge is completed. I want you to go to a quiet place and evaluate your current life situation. Now, devise a plan to build your wall. What are your bricks made of? Who is on the mastermind team that will help you build your wall and stand at your weak spots when the enemy attacks? Make a list of the adversities (the enemies) that your wall will keep out.

The final step is the most important. What daily action steps will you take to strengthen your wall? This great wall will explode your belief in who you are and your limitless abilities to achieve your Why in life.

The above article was adapted from the book ‘7 Principles to Live a Champion Life’ by John Di Lemme

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