There is no doubt that technology has totally changed the way we now live. Talking of advances in modern technology, the Internet TV is one of the most amazing and high-end gadgets that truly make life more interesting. And with the speed at which technological advancements are made daily, there is no end in sight to how smart these gadgets can be. Although most just see the device as simple television that allows instant access to the Internet, there is a lot more to it and in this piece, we will take a look at the five things you must know about Internet TV.

1. Easy Internet Browsing:

Even though many people quickly get the idea of what Internet TV is all about, it is important to stress the point of Internet browsing with it. One main reason why many viewers enjoy surfing the web using Internet TV has to do with the size. Irrespective of the model or type of your laptop or desktop computer, the screen is not going to be as huge as that of an Internet TV. With a much bigger screen comes more comfortable and stress-free viewing. You do not have to hunch over a screen while browsing your favorite pages on the web. So, while many people love to browse using Internet TV, the main reason has to be pointed out.

2. Live Feed Streaming:

This is one function of Internet TV that not many are aware of. Without any iota of doubt, live video feeds are some of the most amazing clips on the web. But not many people know that they can enjoy these breathtaking videos right on their massive 52-inch screens. There are several applications that can be installed on the Internet TV to make watching live video streams as easy as the click of a button. This is particularly useful for those who love watching or even participating in live video game sessions, the Internet, TV makes it a lot more entertaining for them.

3. Enjoy Video Games in Style:

Yes, video games can be totally enjoyed on Internet TV but that is not even the best part of the gist. The possibility of playing these games without making use of game consoles is one thing that blows the mind of many passionate game lovers. You simply play directly on the television using the remote control and it is surely an experience everyone should have.

4. Exercise:

Not a few people will question what link exists between losing weight, keeping fit and the Internet TV. But as it turns out, there is more than a lot that connects these together. With an Internet TV, you may have to apply for a refund of the gym subscription that you just made. And this is because Internet TVs today are so sophisticated that they come with a lot of packages that can assist viewers to lose weight, keep fit and maintain overall healthy lifestyles.

These devices now come with different content relating to exercises, fitness sessions and various gym practices. This surely saves you the extra cost of having to register at a gym or shelling out a lot to get gym equipment. Honestly, this is something many are not aware of relating to the Internet television. Few people will instantly link a television with health benefits but that is precisely one of the many advantages you get with an Internet TV.

5. Social Media:

For many, this will understandably come as a surprise. That is because we are most used to access our different social media accounts using smartphones or computers. But one thing you really need to know about Internet TV is that they are equally very good for social media. In fact, virtually all the leading brands of Internet TV come with their own pre-installed Facebook and Twitter software applications and all you need to do is to activate and start using in minutes. One major advantage with this is that it makes going through social media a totally new experience and the bigger screen ensures that viewing your news feed or updates is a lot more attractive for the users.

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