Most people cannot accept failure. They stop the first time they fall. It is important for me to know when to stop and change the course. But I do not think that one must stop after the first fall. You cannot stop until you win.

You quit only when you know that what you are doing no longer supports your purpose in life. That is the only time. Failure is not a reason to quit.

When you fall, you deserve a second chance and every chance you can get. People may not give you another chance, but do not deny it to yourself. If at first try, you fall, cry if you must, but look up, and stand, then move. When you want something so big, expect big setbacks too.

In 2004, I decided to become an inspirational speaker. The first clients I thought of serving were teachers. I knew then that I had something to share. I thought I could help teachers become better teachers. So I sent letters to 50 schools offering my seminar Touching to Teach Lives. None of the schools sent me a courtesy replies. The biggest rejection, I realized, is to be ignored.

After two months, I sent another letters to 100 schools. This time I offered my seminar for free. The reply I got was nada, zilch, zero, none.

Many things have happened since then. I have already trained hundreds of school principals. This month, I am scheduled to train regional directors of the Department of Education.

In 2006, my joint venture with a businessman failed. He was more interested in money making and monkey business. Since I am not a monkey, I ended my business partnership with him after six months. I shouldered all the expenses. I was not good at handling finances and a monkey was able to fool me.

In 2008, my consultancy business failed again. I got screwed, again. People made promises they did not intend to honor. My friends said it was time to stop. It was safer to look for another job. Or to go back to teaching high school students. I love teaching, but I was certain of what I want.

In the second half of 2008, clients started to call me to conduct leadership workshops. I also got more requests to speak before conventions and conferences on leadership and personal development. I did not expect getting more invitations, after two setbacks, to happen so soon.

Call me an unreasonable man, but when I decided to enter the world of inspirational speaking, I have anticipated setbacks. I know that some people are lucky enough to be big during their first year in speaking. But they are the exceptions. Many great speakers I ‘ve read, like Zig Ziglar and Les Brown, became big because they were persistent. They were persistent because they expected to win. No setback can make them stop.

As long as you live, you are not yet done. Setbacks do not always come. But when setbacks do come, do not allow them to stop you.

Also, when you make mistakes (and I make many mistakes in my life), remember that you will always have the chance to make them right. And listen: do not be a fool by making the same mistakes again and again.

When you fall again, I suggest you do the following:

1. Bring your vision back to your destiny. It is reasonable to cry over your bruises, but doing so will not help you at all. Setbacks delay your chance to accomplish your purpose. Do not waste time.

2. Stand Up. You will have a better view of what can be done when you decide to stand at once. Ask what went wrong and find ways to make it right. Also, think of specific actions you can do when you another and different setback. But do not overthink.

3. You need to move. Strategies do not make things happen. Actions do. So keep on moving until you reach your destiny.

It is reasonable for some people to stop when setbacks come. Why? Everyone does. This is why I encourage you to be unreasonable. The Unreasonable Man sees every setback as temporary. Only his purpose, only winning is permanent.

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My name is Jef Menguin. My mission is to inspire people excellence. I do this through speaking and writing. I am now working on a manifesto that explores the reasons why some people are simple unstoppable.

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