Section 25 of the Code of Civil Procedure empowers the Supreme Court to transfer any proceedings from one lower court to another lower court. The Supreme Court exercises this power only when satisfied with the fact that fair justice will not be met to the applicant in the previous court.

A transfer petition in Supreme Court can be sought even if it is a civil or matrimonial or criminal case. The main aim of this petition is to provide justice to the seeker.

The mere convenience of the parties or anyone of the party is not enough for the exercise of this power. It ought to be proved by the lawyer that trial within the chosen forum will result in denial of justice.

Here we discuss why you need best professional lawyers to file a transfer petition in the Supreme Court?

1. To persuade the verdict in your favor

Your lawyer must have the ability to persuade the judgement in your favor. He/she must organize the arguments and evidences in such a way to turn the tables in your favor. This is provided by lawyers through intuition and experience. Professional lawyers have an inbuilt ability to be more effective in the courtroom.

2. To overcome the influence of the other party

A professional lawyer can easily distinguish which jurors are susceptible to his influence and which might be biased in the favor of the opponent. Although they are not 100% accurate, this increases the probability that they can influence the jury’s decision independently. This ability is really important to overcome the influence of the other party.

3. To get Anticipatory Bail from Supreme Court

If the other party is influential, he/she can use muscle power to get you arrested. Here the concept of Anticipatory bail comes into the picture. If the party is fearful of arrest in case of cognizable offense, he can apply for an Anticipatory Bail from Supreme Court. It is the duty of the lawyer to provide his subject with legal relief by getting him/her bail from Supreme Court.

4. To file a Curative Petition if the need arises

The lawyer must be persuasive enough to file a curative petition in the Supreme Court. A curative petition is the last judicial resort available for redressing of grievances in court. It is normally decided by the judges’ in-chamber. It is really rare, that such petitions are given open-court hearing. This is again a reason why you need the best professional lawyer for your transfer petition.

The basic principle in choosing your lawyer is to feel safe about him/her. You must have the assurance of a fair trial. Your lawyer must be compelling enough to turn the tables in your favor. If the need arises, you can go to any judicial resort just to ensure your success in the courtroom. You must choose the best professional lawyer to file the transfer petition in the Supreme Court.

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