The other day I came across a quote that went into how someone’s past needs to be left in the past; if it isn’t, it will destroy their future. The final point was that they need to live for today, not to be caught up in what happened yesterday.

One way of looking at this quote would be to say that it is sage advice. Clearly, if someone is caught up in what has happened to them it is not going to be possible for them to live in the now.

A Wasted Life

They are then going to allow what has happened to define their life, losing their present point of power in the process. After all, ‘now’ is the only moment in their life where they can do anything.

With this in mind, it is going to be essential for them to leave what happened in the past, in the past. If they don’t do this, they will not only lose the power that they have to shape their life, they will have even more things in their past that will consume their attention.

An Analogy

It will be as if one is carrying around a heavy weight, and this weight will be taking a lot of their attention and energy. Once this weight is put down, their life will no longer be the same.

In the same way, if someone leaves their past behind, it will allow them to embrace the present moment and to have more energy. Putting a rock down might be easier; nonetheless, the outcome will be very similar.

Will Power

This can then be a time when they will need to make sure that they don’t get caught up it their thoughts, to do what they can to be in the now, and to forgive themselves. What is going on up top, in their mind, will be the issue.

So, through putting in the effort, they will soon be able to leave their past behind. The trouble is that while this approach may work, it might just cause someone to experience a lot of frustration.

Going Deeper

What this comes down to is that the past doesn’t always just exist in someone’s mind; it can also exist in their body. When it comes to the mind, it is about thoughts and beliefs and, when it comes to the body, it is about feelings and trauma.

Therefore, although thoughts and beliefs can just be changed, this is not the case when it comes to feelings and trauma. Force might work when it comes to the mind, but this approach is unlikely to work when it comes to the body.

One Big Lie

If someone has come to believe that it is ‘all in their mind’, it might not even occur to them that the past might also exist in their body. Let’s say that they are carrying emotional pain, and they only focus on their mind, they are unlikely to get very far.

What will probably happen is that they will simply push what has come up back into their body, thereby causing their mind to be even more disconnected from their emotional body. A battle will be going on within them, and it might not be long until this stuff comes right back up to the surface, and when it does, it might end up overwhelming them.

Through it, not over it

If they are unable to push this stuff down, it could cause them to feel incapable and to blame themselves. In reality, they are not incapable and there is no need for them to blame themselves.

The main issue will be that they are trying to do something that can’t be done, due to believing something that isn’t true. Instead of playing around with their mind, they will need to work through what is being held in their body - to surrender to how they feel.

Final Thoughts

If someone can relate to this, and they want to ‘leave the past behind’, they may need to reach out for external support. This can be provided by the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

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