There is a lot of information available that goes into how important it is to take action and what someone can do to get themselves moving. This could be seen as a sign that a lot of people don’t realise how vital it is to take action and find it hard to get the ball moving, so to speak.

Thus, after looking into this kind of information, one could come to believe that the only way that anything will happen is if they do something. Additionally, they could conclude that the best time to do something is now.

A Common Theme

If one wants to achieve something, then, they will need to look into what they can do and then to do it. There will be no reason for them to wait around; doing so will simply cause them to put their dreams on hold.

And if one ever has any doubts about this, there will be plenty of books, articles and videos that will get their mind back on track. These sources of information will tell them, in one way or another, that they need to take action and they need to do it now.

It’s Obvious

It could be said that if one was hungry, they would need to get something to eat – it is not just going to fall into their lap. Also, if they are hungry, now is going to be the best time for them to get something to eat.

As this is what it is like when it comes to eating, why would it be any different when it comes to any other area of their life? Surely, it is the same, and this is why one needs to get into the habit of taking action whenever they want to achieve something.

A Half-Truth

However, while it may seem as though action is important and that now is the best time to take action, it doesn’t mean that there isn’t more to it. Firstly, it is possible for someone to attract something into their life without doing much, and secondly, now is not always the best time to take action.

One way to look at the view that action is always important and that now is always the best time to take action would be to say that this is something that comes from the ego – the part that allows someone to have their own experience on this earth. This part of them is not bad but it can create problems if it is not understood.

The Big Illusion

So if one is completely identified with the part of them that sees them as being separate from everyone and everything, it will be normal for them to believe that they need to make something happen or else it won’t happen. Furthermore, as this part of them won’t be connected to anything, it will have no sense of timing or see itself as being part of a bigger purpose.

Said another way, it won’t occur to them that there can be a time to do something and a time to sit back and to just be. The only part of them that will matter will be their masculine aspect (doing), not their feminine aspect (being).

Final Thoughts

At times, one may be able to draw what they need to them without too much effort and at other times, they may need to put in the work. And just as there will be times when they will need to take action, there will be times when they don’t.

The key will be for them to tune into themselves and to listen to the inner guidance that is within them. What can make this hard to do is if one is carrying a lot of emotional pain within them, as this can make it difficult for them to connect to their own truth.

This emotional pain can be resolved with the assistance of a therapist or a healer.

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